‘Batgirl’ Isn’t Alone: ​​Other Millionaire Films That Have Also Been Shelved By Hollywood – Monet

+ Scoob! : Holiday Haunt, Superman with Nicolas Cage, I Love You Daddy and Justice League directed by George Miller are some of the productions already shelved by Hollywood (Photo: reproduction; publicity) This week the movie ‘bat girl‘ was canceled – much to the astonishment of the public and the DC Comics feature film team, … Read more

How Nicolas Cage went from promise to decadent actor meme – 5/11/2022 – Illustrated

the career of Nicholas Cagewhich spanned four decades and amassed over a hundred credits, can be best represented by the snakeskin coat worn by the actor in “Wild Heart” —for the character of Sailor Ripley, a young outlaw Elvis Presleya “symbol of individuality and belief in personal freedom”. In an interview with Marilyn Manson, Cage … Read more