How Gabriel Leone Gains Hollywood Space With ‘Ferrari’ – 8/11/2022 – Illustrated

Mark pig, Brown marquezine, Wagner Moura, Maria Fernanda Candido and now Gabriel Leone. Brazil is exporting some of its talent to Hollywood, and the latest actor is the youngest to join this list. At 29, the carioca was recently confirmed in Michael Mann’s upcoming film “Ferrari”which should temporarily take him away from an intense routine … Read more

Streaming: Discover Hollywood Classics on HBO Max – 07/15/2022 – Illustrated

​This is the edition of Maratonar, the newsletter of Sheet which helps you find yourself in the middle of so many options for streaming series and movies. Do you want to receive it every Friday in your e-mail? Register below. ​ Marathonar A guide with tips for movies and series to watch in streaming The … Read more

‘Batgirl’ Isn’t Alone: ​​Other Millionaire Films That Have Also Been Shelved By Hollywood – Monet

+ Scoob! : Holiday Haunt, Superman with Nicolas Cage, I Love You Daddy and Justice League directed by George Miller are some of the productions already shelved by Hollywood (Photo: reproduction; publicity) This week the movie ‘bat girl‘ was canceled – much to the astonishment of the public and the DC Comics feature film team, … Read more

How Nicolas Cage went from promise to decadent actor meme – 5/11/2022 – Illustrated

the career of Nicholas Cagewhich spanned four decades and amassed over a hundred credits, can be best represented by the snakeskin coat worn by the actor in “Wild Heart” —for the character of Sailor Ripley, a young outlaw Elvis Presleya “symbol of individuality and belief in personal freedom”. In an interview with Marilyn Manson, Cage … Read more

Netflix is ​​in trouble and this week will determine its future. Know why

Netflix, once highly regarded on Wall Street, suddenly finds itself backed by the ropes. the giant of diffusion will report its results in the second quarter and is shaping up to be one of the most important moments in the company’s 25-year history. A Netflix it is a ter a yes terrible. In April, the … Read more

The 10 most expensive jewels in the history of the seventh art

When we think of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, it is possible that one of the first sentences that come to mind is precisely one of those that the artist utters in the famous film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, from 1953, directed by Howard Hawks: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, in Portuguese Diamonds are a woman’s … Read more

New Hollywood icon Peter Bogdanovich dies at 82

O American filmmaker Peter Bogdanovitchof “The Last Movie Session” and “Paper Moon”, died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles, at the age of 82, confirmed this Thursday the specialized magazine Variety (6). New Hollywood icon of the 1970s, Bogdanovich also worked as a screenwriter and actor, and cultivated a prolific six-decade career … Read more

Understanding how ‘Harry Potter’ became an obstacle in Hollywood – 7/14/2021 – Illustrated

“Piertotum locomotor,” shouted Maggie Smith halfway through. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”, bringing stone statues to life and casting a powerful protective spell over the luxurious Hogwarts castle to set the stage for battle against the rogue Lord Voldemort. Today we know that the magic worked and the scenes of the … Read more