The mother of “Marie” fears the sexual orientation of her daughter and launches spades on television: “I’m not exaggerating if I say that 90% are homosexual” – Celebrities

A mother of the famous ‘tiktoker’ “Marie” explains all the reasons for the fear he felt that his daughter would have a sexual orientation different from his and become homosexual. When asked even directly if she thinks her daughter is still a virgin, she reacts: “I don’t know if my daughter is still a virgin. … Read more

Marie, from heaven to hell: loneliness when her parents return, revolt and the serious consequences that ‘Big Brother’ could have on her life – Le Mag

He’s a phenomenon on Tik Tok and those who didn’t know about him through the famous mobile app had the opportunity to do so during the months when the house of ‘Big Brother Famosos’ was closed. Exuberant, barely 20-year-old Marie quickly stood out among the rest of the “reality” contestants. Day after day, he opened … Read more