Brain Day: Telemedicine provides access to neurologists in regions that do not have specialists

July 22 is marked as World Brain Day, a date that aims to educate people about neurological diseases, their prevention and management, which are the second leading cause of premature death worldwide, affecting 9 million lives. per year, according to a 2020 report. study published in the scientific journal Lancet Neurology. Telemedicine has proven key … Read more

Expert Highlights Importance of Eating Habits During Pregnancy

During the gestation period, it is common to have doubts about what pregnant women can or cannot eat to promote fetal development and ensure women’s health. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MS) has brought a guide with dietary recommendations for pregnant women. Among the recommendations indicated, the main ones are to include the daily consumption … Read more

The chic neighborhoods of Maceió concentrate the highest number of Aedes aegypti epidemics

The districts of Ponta Verde and Jardim Petrópolis, considered noble districts of the capital, concentrate the highest rate of infestation by Aedes aegypti in buildings. The percentage exceeds 18% in both cases. Alarming levels of mosquito breeding have caused a boom in dengue fever and chikungunya cases. The situation can be explained by the proliferation … Read more

There’s still time to get your flu shot!

Flu vaccination for people 6 months and older continues nationwide while supplies of flu vaccine are exhausted. The Ministry of Health intends to mobilize the population to prevent complications of the disease and reduce the number of deaths, in addition to relieving the pressure that serious cases can cause on the health system. With a … Read more

A cardiologist explains the warning signs that could mean the presence of Covid sequelae

The increase in studies and clinical reports of patients who develop conditions or diseases after infection with Covid-19 has alerted experts. Fabricio da Silva, specialist in cardiology, clinical medicine and clinical emergencies at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp) and at the Institute of Cardiology of the Federal District, points out that the sequelae vary considerably … Read more

POLIO AND MULTIVACINATION: The national campaign begins in August

Parents and guardians of babies, children and adolescents under the age of 15 should be warned: the national vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis and multi-vaccination begins in the first half of August. In total, the mobilization will concern approximately 40,000 SUS vaccination posts across the country. The objective of the Ministry of Health is to vaccinate … Read more

A rare case of rabies in DF raises awareness of the disease

A resident of the Federal District was infected with rabies and triggered an alert from the local health department and the national health ministry. This is the first case in the country’s capital since 1978. The patient, a teenager, is in serious condition. The lethality of the disease is almost 100%. According to the DF … Read more

Ministry of Health expands audience for meningococcal C vaccine

The public who can receive the meningococcal C vaccine (Conjugate) has been increased on the recommendation of the National Vaccination Program (PNI). Valid until February 2023, the new directive from the Ministry of Health extends vaccination to health workers and children up to 10 years old. The file aims to further protect the population against … Read more

Seagri calls on rural producers to vaccinate their herd against rabies

posted on 08/07/2022 22:34 / updated on 09/07/2022 00:33 (Credit: Disclosure/Seagri-DF) This Friday (7/8), the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Supply and Rural Development (Seagri) released a brochure with recommendations for rural producers in DF to protect their animals against rabies. The guidelines come after the Department of Health (SES-DF) confirmed the second case of … Read more

Covid-19 vaccine does not cause cancer and is not linked to shingles – 08/07/2022 – Daily life

Contrary to what the doctor claims in a video posted on Instagram, it is not true that the vaccines against Covid-19 cause cancer and other respiratory diseases. There is also no scientific evidence linking shingles cases to vaccinators, according to experts heard by the report. A a visa confirmed that to date there is no … Read more