Intel is ending “Day 0” support for games in GPU drivers on 10th Gen or older CPUs

See the list of processor models and families affected by Intel’s change This Wednesday (27), the Intel announced changes related to the graphics driver for older models of processors, changing the type of support provided to them. Now the models of 6th to 10th generation of CPUs will have a model of legacy supportwhich will … Read more

Loss of the Y chromosome may explain the death of men – 07/16/2022 – Science

A study published last Thursday (14) in the scientific journal Science may help explain why, in general, men die before women –in Brazil, their life expectancy would be 73.3 years and for them 80.3 yearsaccording to the IBGE, without taking into account the mortality caused by covid-19 pandemic. According to the research, conducted by 25 … Read more

LGBTQIA+ adults are more vulnerable to heart disease – 07/03/2022 – Report

While many attended Gay Pride in June, others in the medical community pointed to the devastating disparities in health outcomes for adults. LGBTQIA+ – a disproportionate number of cases of smallpox in men who have sex with menreported high rates of alcohol abuse, barriers to accessing cancer screening and treatment. But according to some health … Read more

Strength training is more effective than aerobic exercise for sleep quality – 06/29/2022 – Balance

Practice resistance exercises, which work the muscle building – like weight training – may be better than doing aerobic activities to improve sleep duration and quality, according to a study published by the American Heart Association. And it has a direct impact on heart health, as poor and irregular sleep is associated with a higher … Read more

Increase in blood pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic – 06/15/2022 – Balance

The first year of a pandemic was difficult. The Americans faced a global pandemicloss of loved ones, blockages that have fragmented social networks, stress, unemployment and the Depression. It’s probably no surprise that the country’s blood pressure has skyrocketed. Scientists reported that blood pressure measurements of nearly 500,000 adults showed a significant increase in 2020 … Read more

Discover the robot that can move inside the human body

If the idea of ​​mini-robots moving inside a human body were considered a work of fiction, everything indicates that within a few years it could be a recurring procedure, according to researchers from the Vanderbilt Universitynot Tennessee. They recently announced a new version of their “Milirobot“, a millimeter long robot that operates by remote control … Read more