Sporting reveals a new protocol with cheerleaders. Know what changes

Sporting have issued a statement regarding the agreement reached with cheerleaders Juventude Leonina and Brigada Ultras Sporting, Sporting unveiled this Thursday the main lines of the agreement which establishes the rules of the protocol signed with the young cheerleaders Juventude Leonina and Brigada Ultras Sporting. Related Jock. In Uruguay and Spain, associate Coates with Atlético … Read more

Former Tarantini player becomes a football pioneer after completing his doctorate | Education

Former footballer Tarantini became on Tuesday the first professional sports athlete in Portugal to obtain the academic degree of doctor. The 38-year-old former midfielder, who became famous in the service of Rio Ave, and who, after finishing his career, in 2021 assumed the position of assistant coach of the Famalicão team, of the I Liga, … Read more

Leixões guarantees continuity in League II and responds to Varzim’s complaint

Clube de Matosinhos guarantee that they have fulfilled ‘all the required assumptions’ and will participate in the II Liga in 2022/23. He also speaks of a “monumental fiasco” and a “police affair”, responding to Varzim’s statement. Leixões issued a statement this Monday to clarify that it “has fulfilled all the conditions required by the entity … Read more

Santa Clara SAD explains Lincoln transfer to Fenerbahçe

The position is expressed in a press release where the Azorean emblem formalizes the transfer of the Brazilian athlete The Santa Clara SAD said on Tuesday that Lincoln’s transfer to Fenerbahçe from Turkey is a “beneficial agreement for all parties involved”, after the club criticized the sale. Related Saint Clare. Official: Jorge Jesus’ Fenerbahçe confirm … Read more

Benfica were interested, but Sporting’s project captivated Jesús Alcantar

The 18-year-old Mexican defense was among the targets for the Reds secondary formation. Sporting’s bet on young people made the difference. The left-hander impressed with his maturity when he played for Necaxa, facing Cruz Azul, a game which was decisive for the lions to advance for the athlete who will start with the B team. … Read more

Arbitration Board ‘fails’ Sporting’s proposal to change VAR. see review

La Liga Portugal requested an opinion from the Arbitration Board, after receiving an opinion Sporting asked during the General Assembly of the League, held on Tuesday, changes concerning the communications of the referees with the VAR, the “lions” defending that the clubs could request access to the recordings of the conversations of the respective matches, … Read more

Benfica voted against and explains why they are in favor of releasing VAR audios

Benfica issued a press release after the General Assembly of the League, which was held on Tuesday. In the same document, Benfica also specifies that it will propose the urgent holding of a summit of the presidents Benfica reacted in a statement to the news that it was among the clubs which, this Tuesday, at … Read more