‘Batgirl’ Isn’t Alone: ​​Other Millionaire Films That Have Also Been Shelved By Hollywood – Monet

+ Scoob! : Holiday Haunt, Superman with Nicolas Cage, I Love You Daddy and Justice League directed by George Miller are some of the productions already shelved by Hollywood (Photo: reproduction; publicity) This week the movie ‘bat girl‘ was canceled – much to the astonishment of the public and the DC Comics feature film team, … Read more

Warner Bros. unveils 28 costumes of the four heroes of Gotham Knights

There are many different styles of clothing. One of the features that we expect in superhero games is the different outfits that the protagonist will be able to wear. The four heroes of Gotham Knights will be several. The developers of Games Warner Bros. Montreal revealed 28 different costumes for Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood and … Read more