“If you know ten women, you know endometriosis”: some explanations on the disease that led Anitta to have surgery

It is a mild disease “with bad behavior”. From singer Anitta to presenter Raquel Prates, more and more women are going public with the fact that they have this condition to raise awareness about diagnosis Brazilian singer Anitta was discharged from hospital on Tuesday after undergoing surgery for endometriosis. “I come out of this experience … Read more

Good in bed? She says yes! The steamy story of Maluma and Anitta, as they prepare for a steamy night in Portugal. – The magazine

They are two of the headliners for Meo Marés Vivas, which is taking place in Porto this weekend, and let’s just say it’s far from a sacrifice for Maluma and Anitta to spend a weekend together at Invicta. At this point, you are likely to ask yourself, “Why? “. Well, both singers have a long … Read more

Anitta and Post Malone shut down Rock in Rio Lisboa amid fireworks and Spain flag controversy

The American rapper and the Brazilian singer were responsible for bringing 80,000 people to the city of Rock. The last day of the festival also featured performances by Portuguese HMB and Jason Derulo on the Mundo stage. A packed house on the last day of Rock in Rio Lisboa, with 80,000 people present this Sunday … Read more

There is a musical world before and after Post Malone

Today at 00:02, updated at 00:45 On the final day of Rock in Rio, the attention was split between Malone, Anitta and Jason Derulo, all with real crowds. At 26, Austin Richard Post has created his own style: the absence of a defined style. So mixed between genres and sub-genres of music that definitions are … Read more