From Shooting Stars to Supermoon: Know When and How to Watch Astronomical Events in June – Ceará

The sky of Ceará should acquire a particular beauty with the epsilon Gruids meteor shower, discovered by Brazilians, and the first “superfluous” of the year throughout the month of June. The winter solstice – day with fewer hours of sunshine – should complete the list of major astronomical events of the month. Celestial Phenomena can … Read more

These strange galaxies have no dark matter

About eight billion years ago, in an extremely brutal cosmic event, two galaxies collided and violently released gas from each other. It’s the latest explanation for a cosmic mystery that has puzzled astronomers since 2018: two nebulous galaxies that appear to be completely devoid of dark matter. The new observations suggest that these galaxies could … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope begins the process of deploying sunscreen

Today, Wednesday, the James Webb Space Telescope began another procedure which is the process of implanting sun protection. A necessary instrument to keep the telescope cool enough to function properly. A process that, after the placement of the first solar panel, which was activated shortly after reaching Earth orbit, is now one of the riskiest … Read more

All PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch game releases from June 2022

A total of 21 games are set to release throughout the month, but big titles are rare June 2022 will not be a very attractive month in terms of game releases. While we have a list of 21 titles set to hit PC and consoles in the next 30 days, few of those games would … Read more