the cool hollywood guy who never touches women

“I hate the term sex symbol,” explained a Keanu Reeves who had just starred in “Speed,” in which he played a young cop in 1994. “I don’t think I’m a sex symbol. I don’t even think it looks like one. The world had a different opinion. Reeves was Hollywood’s next big action star, the kind … Read more

Orson Welles lived Shakespeare’s saga in Hollywood – 06/29/2022 – Illustrated

Focused mainly on the jangadeiros of Ceará who were the most striking presence in the images of “It’s All True” – the troubled ones project that brought Orson Welles here in our land—, o superb “The Raft of Welles” ends, in a boomerang effect, by returning to the one who is the greatest genius of … Read more

Chris Pratt Reacts to Hollywood’s ‘Worst Chris’ Headline and Explains Why He Thinks He Got So Labeled

You’ve probably witnessed or even participated in a current pop culture debate: who is the “best” and the “worst” Chris in Hollywood, in the dispute between Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pine e Chris Pratt. In a new interview with North American Men’s Health, the Peter Quill singer finally revealed how he felt about the … Read more

Here’s how Ezra Miller went from Hollywood promise to nightmare

SSÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – You probably know the face of Ezra Miller, although the name may not be familiar to you. At 29, the American, who declares himself non-binary, has already had a professional career of 13 years in cinema and television, with very noticed roles. What made him recognized in the entertainment industry … Read more

Netflix Review | Jennifer Lopez: Halftime Celebrates Latin Artist’s Struggle in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez he’s almost like a unicorn in the entertainment industry, able to move easily through music, dance and theater – even if his film projects don’t always appeal to everyone. Regardless of opinions, it is inevitable to consider that the Latin artist has a versatility all her own. Although he does not reach very … Read more