Bitcoin Mining Equipment Prices Drop

Bitcoin miner prices are plummeting as the price of the digital currency goes through moments of investor capitulation. This is a positive sign for anyone looking to buy their own equipment and start mining. Domestic so-called bitcoin mining is a complicated market, as energy and equipment import costs are usually burdensome for those who want … Read more

Pentagon publishes study on Bitcoin vulnerabilities

The Pentagon, through a special unit, published a study containing several vulnerabilities of the Bitcoin, as well as the Ethereum network. The hardware was produced by the company Trail of Bits, which was founded in 2012 to seek to help famous companies solve cybersecurity problems. The special unit in question is the Defense Advanced Research … Read more

Bitcoin miners sell wallets to compensate for falling prices and rising costs – Money Times

The number of coins miners send to cryptocurrency exchanges has been steadily increasing since June 7 (Image: Pexels/RODNAE Productions) the minors of bitcoins are forced to dip into their wallets cryptocurrencies to cover the growing costs of the operation and to minimize the effect of the fall in asset prices and the advance of competition. … Read more

Company Accuses Three Arrows Capital Fund of “Ponzi Scheme” – Cryptocurrencies

to the industry of cryptocurrencies has been “abandoned” in recent weeks by a “Ponzi style [Bernard] Madoff,” facing a case similar to the one that “sinked Long Term Capital Management (LTCM),” research firm FSInsight said Friday in a report analyzing the implications of the implosion of cryptocurrency hedge fund Three. .Arrows Capital (3AC). In this … Read more

Binance sues Capital, but loses action that forced the company to keep reais withdrawals on the exchange

The São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) suspended a lower court ruling that required Capitual to continue providing services to the Binance, under penalty of a fine of R$10,000 per day. The process is taking place in secret, but the court’s decision was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday (22). In the first instance, … Read more