Hydrogen challenges oil and gas as a local energy source

Hydrogen is gaining its place in the world of renewable energies. Regional developments such as Hydrogen Valleys and Hydrogen Islands serve as a model for larger ecosystems to locally produce and consume this versatile fuel. The northern region of the Netherlands was once a premier gas production site. One of the largest gas fields in … Read more

Cost of life. Lisbon falls in the table and is behind Madrid and Barcelona

The rise of remote and flexible working, the war in Ukraine, currency fluctuations and widespread inflation are having a significant impact on employee compensation, which could have serious consequences for companies in the global battle for talent. The conclusion is drawn from the “Cost of Living 2022” study, launched by the consulting firm Mercier, which … Read more

Lagarde: We will go all the way to stabilize inflation at 2% – Mercados

The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, assured this Tuesday, June 28 that the institution will be able to go “as far as necessary” to ensure that inflation stabilizes at 2% in the medium term. “We will continue on this path of normalization – and we will go as far as necessary … Read more

Pedro Braz Teixeira. “We are facing the first energy crisis of decarbonization”

Faced with galloping energy prices, Pedro Braz Teixeira believes that the best solution, instead of limiting imports, is for the European Union to impose a tax on Russian imports and with that “we have continued to import same amount of oil, but Russia received half of what it receives today”. The new energy challenges were … Read more

Life is more expensive, but not everything has gone up in price: see the numbers

The war is not solely responsible for the rise in prices, but if a rise was already expected, it increased with the start of the conflict. And what has increased the most are basic necessities: food, electricity, gas and fuel. The first that was noticed was sunflower oil. It was even missing from some shelves, … Read more