Stray: the game for humans that is a hit with cats

If young and old were already conquered by technology, we did not know that this interest had also reached the animal world. It is through the screen of Stray gamers that their cats have engaged in video games.

After all, breeders have had help from their cats in their development.

End of June, we told him about Stray, a game developed by French studios BlueTwelve that has been in development for over two years. As we explained in Stray, "players must control a cat on the streets of a big city from a third-person perspective."

In a place full of traps and dangers, the stray cat must use all his skills to "unravel an ancient mystery", in order to "escape from a futuristic city inhabited by robots". This concept appeals to players, but not only.

Cats with eyes glued to the screen

According to The Guardian, when a video game puts the user to play from the point of view of an animal, the animal is, as a rule, a cartoon and rarely behaves like a real animal. Because it's different from what's usual in the world of video games, reviewers and users themselves have given Stray very positive reviews.

However, if that's not enough, gamer cats have already endorsed the video game. According to The Guardian, photographs and videos have been published showing felines (one would be) "fascinated by the surprisingly realistic movement of the virtual cat and its onomatopoeia".

Working on a game for this long really loses perspective, so seeing people post their reactions, and more importantly cat reactions, after playing the game this week has been a very satisfying and surreal experience for the whole team.

Shared Swann Martin-Rage, producer at the company that developed the game BlueTwelve Studio, based in Montpellier, France.

(Maybe not) Surprisingly, to develop the game, the team took inspiration from their own cats.

He was found in the streets of Montpellier and has been there since the start of the project. He has always been in front of us and has been a constant source of inspiration and support in his own way. Although the protagonist is not a carbon copy, Murtaugh seems satisfied with the result.

explained Martin-Rage, introducing the main inspiration for the look of the game's hero, Murtaugh the cat. Additionally, the team has two "very active additions": Jun the cat, owned by Clara, the team's artist, and Oscar, Miko's feline.

We hope cats love Stray as much as their owners. I've seen posts where people say that after finishing the game they just want to hug their cats, and that's really the best reaction one could have hoped for.

concludes Swann.

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