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Finding strange places in the Google Maps This may be an easier task than it looks. It is because the applicationavailable for mobile phones android e iPhone (iOS), has more than 220 billion images captured in more than 100 countries. Thus, the platform can be very useful for finding and exploring unusual places without having to leave home. Use features like View from the street and “Favorites” lists, for example, are some of the best ways to see these mysterious places. Here are six tips for finding spooky places in the Google Maps.

How to discover unusual places on Google Maps? List of features to explore from the app; Take a look — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

1. Search for related terms in Google Maps Search

Searching for keywords in Google Maps “Search” can be a quick and easy way to find weird places to explore. To do this, when opening the app, tap on the search field and search for terms such as “cemetery”, “ruins”, “caves” or even “abandoned place”. Thus, the application will present a list with several options. .

If you want to display a specific location, also enter the name of the city, district or state, for example “São João Batista Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro”. When choosing the location, view images posted by other users or tap the photo icon, shown in the left corner, to open Street View and get a 3D view of the area.

Search keywords and explore Street View to discover unusual places — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

2. Scan the map and look for “strange things”

Explorers can also use Street View to find strange places in the app. For this, a good tip is to open the map and look for “signs”, such as burnt structures, worn facades, roofs with holes, partially collapsed buildings or with dense vegetation.

To find these places more accurately, open Google Maps and type in the search engine a term in quotation marks, the plus (+) icon and the region – such as “abandoned school” + Rio de Janeiro. When the results open, tap the screenshot that opens Street View and use the arrow keys to “walk” around.

In StreetView, it is possible to explore strange and abandoned places with a high resolution of the image — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

3. View Lists of Other Users’ Favorite Locations

On Google Maps, you can track and follow other users, like on a social network. In each person’s profile, it is possible to check the contributions made to the application, the subscribers and also the lists of favorite places – which may contain strange places.

To do this, when opening the application, tap on the “What’s new” icon in the lower right corner. There, suggestions of people to follow based on your location will be displayed. In the user’s profile, scroll down and view public lists of favorite places.

To create your own list, open the app and tap the “Recorded” icon at the bottom. Next, tap “+ New List”, name it, enter a description, and choose whether it will be private, shared, or public. Once done, press “Save”.

See the list of places of use on Google Maps — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

4. Look for “weird” stories and research their locations

Searching for weird stories is also a good way to find the locations – after all, every weird story has to take place somewhere. So looking for podcasts from true crime no spotify, Digging through mysterious hashtags on TikTok, researching horror movie locations, or revisiting classic internet cases can be good options for discovering locations.

Good examples are “The Woman in the Abandoned House”, podcast that tells the story of an FBI fugitive hidden in a São Paulo mansion; “Modus Operandi,” a program that deals with crimes and supernatural affairs, such as the Amityville haunted house; and places that were sets filming for horror productions, such as the Conjuring Residence, located in Rhode Island, USA.

On Google Maps, you can see the facade of the house of the podcast “A mulher da Casa Abandonada”, in São Paulo. — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

5. Explore Coordinates, Not Google Earth

Another way to discover remote or mysterious places is to explore the coordinates of Google Earth, an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. By pressing the magnifying glass, just type the name of the place to see the map in 3D or 2D. The coordinates of a place are displayed in the lower corner and the user has access to the longitude and latitude of the region. If you want to search for a location whose coordinates you already know, use the search box and enter decimal degrees to see the location on the map.

The app also has a feature called “Travellers”, accessible via the three-line icon in the upper left corner. There you can follow trails, visit frozen lakes and visit several parks around the world. For users who love horror movies, the app has even prepared a tour of classic horror movie locationslike the movie “The Shining”, “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “It – The Thing”.

Google Earth presents three-dimensional images of different places around the world — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

6. Go to the #googleearth tag on TikTok

Many TikTok users log bizarre experiences in the Google Earth app, such as explorations of the Chernobyl power plant. To see this place and others, go to the #googleearth tag in the TikTok search box and look at the results (and some montages) that users have shared on the social network.

In addition to unusual places, there are also clips of various remote places, which also arouse the curiosity of netizens.

TikTok users share their experiences with Google Earth — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

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