Enzo is football’s compass (not always) at full throttle

It is true that having legs at such an early stage of the season helps. Many minutes, when you are good, result in a dictatorial obedience to the ball, which, melted, ends up doing what is asked of it with good will. Enzo Fernández, who runs like young lovers run, is a classic Argentinian from top to bottom. He is good on the ball and competitive.

Forgetting the rain in the wet garden of style and talent, Enzo Jeremías Fernández is above all influential in Roger Schmidt’s team. In the 88th minute, the GoalPoint could handle that with 133 actions with the ball (there would be 144), he had exceeded the record for the 2021/22 season (Neto vs Tondela). He occupies an important area of ​​​​the midfield, presses, knows how to pass and takes the lead. choose paths and schedulerhythms.

Tonight, in the victory against Arouca (4-0), he scored the second goal of the season. The boy, aged only 21, got his feet wet after a rebound, in a trap that we will try to thwart later. When Jorge Palma wrote “Jeremiah, O Fora Da Lei”, in the mid-1980s, it’s unlikely he was whispering any prophecy, but the lyrics contain some intriguing details, such as several references to the “bomb”, with “magic dynamite”. , “treasures and maps” and even an apt “even hell itself does not terrify him”. The Light didn’t even have to be hell.

Benfica entered as the coach wants. Eyes on goal, combinations, ball moving fast and aggressive, approach or depth moves. The first goal of the evening, which was also the first of the 2022/23 championship, in 8 ‘, explains well this new idea which landed in Lisbon. João Mário, a left-wing libertarian, discovered Rafa. The seemingly happy tramp threw Grimaldo into the line and the Spaniard crossed. At the near post, wild with hope, Gilberto appeared, on the other side, heading for the goal, 1-0.

Arouca was trying to close with a line of five, Arsenio went down to the defense. There were times when that line fattened to six men in yellow, although they weren’t always back and tried to bite the ball off the home footballers. The reds had the ball more than 70% of the time, with little involvement from Gonçalo Ramos, but causing the visitors some pain. The first 20, 30 minutes were diabolical, intense and demanding. Antony, a daring young man who is good with the ball, tried a few outings. Yaw Moses would also have interesting moments, with a remarkable career. The full-back Quaresma, who will be sent off before the break, created the best counterattack, the ball nearly serving Rafa Mújica to equalize, but it was worth Gilberto.

Gualter slice

The Benfica right-back looks like the perfect, very perfect successor to the spiel on the job. Like André Almeida, he is more admired by fans than analysts, who all guess that in the future Alexander Bah will take the place, who made the assist at 4-0.

Without João Mário, played by Chiquinho, the pace went down a lot, and would go down even more in the second half. The 2-0 came after Rafa won the ball, ate a few yards, defeated two rivals among them, like Nazário. The crossing only found the yellow-shirted trees, but the wayward ball was more interested in the throats of those sitting in the ring around the lawn, so it was left to Gonçalo Ramos. The striker headed the post, asked Rafa to park towards the empty goal. The striker, who seems to have a favorable context to dream of being in the World Cup again, scored his 59th goal in 229 games for Benfica.

Even before the referee’s lungs were full to whistle and allow the muscles to rest, the VAR called on him to correct a decision, sending off the incredulous Quaresma, who knocked down Rafa, when, according to the referee team, he supposedly followed isolated from the goal. Enzo’s goal came shortly after. Gilberto crossed, the defense cut and, falling from the sky like a happy tear from a cloud, the ball was hit by the right foot of Enzo, who imitated what he had already done with Midtjylland (4- 1).

Against 10 and with many changes, first from Arouca, then from Roger Schmidt, who was already thinking about the second leg of the Champions League qualifying round, the game fell into an almost obligatory lack of interest. There was a barrier of many men in front of Arruabarrena’s goal, there was another team with the ball looking for spaces, without urgency. The German coach had been asked, the day before, if he had trained to play against low blocks, which the goal quickly facilitated. Schmidt confirmed and called for “solutions”, “creativity and “individual quality”.

André Bukia entered well, in this disconcerting and fast way. Leaving Weigl (entered by Florentino) and company uneasy was already a victory, the game was lost.

The crosses have been a weapon for this Benfica and it stinks of trap. Not only is there a technical quality to hit, but there are also players circling the area, creating problems with that second ball. Enzo’s purpose was like that, but many other pieces have been salvaged and redesigned to take advantage of this serene chaos. It’s a toxic second wave, possibly planned. Perhaps for crossings and agreements of complicity, Roman Yaremchuk and Henrique Araújo came into play at 72 ‘. The discreet Ramos and Neres left, who had one or the other tender sambicebut without the influence of the previous game.

The fourth goal of the night came less than three minutes from 90, by Rafa. Yaremchuk combined with Bah. The winger hit the ball well, the cross was excellent and enjoyed Araújo’s block at the near post, giving Rafa time and space. And the footballer who didn’t smile after scoring a goal maradonian against Estoril, last season, there, he found the smile.

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