Do you access your bank account on your mobile? Here are some precautions to take

Sand you usually use your mobile phone to access your bank accounts, be aware that there are some precautions to take to avoid unpleasant surprises, because the Finance Doctor.

The company specializing in personal finance indicates that “you should avoid using your mobile phone for this purpose, but if it is really necessary, then there are precautions to be taken”. Take note:

  1. Be careful where you access – “When you use your mobile phone in a cafe, you are using a public network and therefore less secure than a private network, such as your home or a friend’s home. A public network allows for more users, so, it could be more easily monitored by hackers.”
  2. Install anti-virus – “Although mobile phones have native antivirus installed, it is not easy. If you are going to access your bank account from your mobile phone, additional security is never too much”;
  3. To access your account, do not enter the bank’s website – “Another rule is not to enter the bank’s website. If you need to access your bank, use the app (application) it provides”;
  4. Keep the banking app up to date – “This is another of the golden rules. Banks are constantly patching detected vulnerabilities and introducing improvements in the security of the application which they make available to their customers. Many updates are automatic, but if the bank asks to update the application, do it immediately (make sure that this request comes from the bank)”;
  5. No response to request to re-enter access codes – “If you receive a notification asking you to repeat the access codes to keep your account active or to repeat the approval of a banking transaction, do not do it. As banks have repeatedly warned, they do not ‘never send these types of notifications’;
  6. Do not store your bank details on your mobile phone – “Never store your home banking access data, debit and credit card PIN and account IBAN on your mobile phone. You will give away information that could be used to harm you financially. This is one of the repeated warnings about the Bank of Portugal”;
  7. Beware of the permissions you grant to other apps – “How many times when installing an app do you not see a request for permission to access location, contacts, or even other apps? Be careful when doing this. could provide access to your browsing logs and even monitor mobile phone activity”;
  8. Lock screen – “With the screen locked, if your mobile phone is stolen or lost, it will be more difficult for them to access confidential information”;
  9. Prioritize biometric data – “Accessing your mobile phone or bank account via biometric data is enhanced security. The fingerprint is yours and therefore more difficult to reproduce. However, as with everything, it is not impossible.”

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