10 most popular games on Steam (08/06/2022)

The resounding launch of MultiVersus continues to engage the community on computers. after registration a peak of 153,433 concurrent players on Steam Last week, become the fighting game that brought people closer together in the history of the platformthe adventure with heroes kept the numbers right.

The fighting game featuring Warner Bros. heroes from franchises like DC and Game of Thrones is still on the rise, averaging 100,000 players in its second week. The title appeared among the most played games on Steam this week, alongside adventures like the first dying light e The forest. Both games are on sale and can be purchased for less than R$25.

To allow you to follow all the trends of the gaming market, the Canaltech listed hot titles on Steam. The list is a thermometer curated using data from the Steam.DB platform with the highest concurrent player count growth over the past seven days. Check:

10. Inactive Search

Inactive search is a resource management game in the style of Potion Craft, in which the player searches and creates tubes with colored liquids that generate energy. The game is free and has versions for mobile and WEB devices.

Inactive search peaked at around 3,000 players on Steam last week.

9. Green Hell

green hell is an open-world survival simulator set in the Amazon rainforest. On the brink of death, the player is put on a journey of endurance, with the effects of isolation taking their toll on body and mind. Gameplay involves building shelters, crafting tools, and constructing weapons to hunt and defend against wild animals and tropical diseases.

green hell is available for PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. On Steam, the 2019 game peaked at 4,000 players last week.

8. Ghost Watchers

Taking advantage of the good phase of horror games, ghost watchers is an online, co-op multiplayer adventure where friends must explore and hunt ghosts in abandoned houses. The gameplay is to find the ghost and then catch it. To do this, players need to search for evidence, find out the age of the ghost, and get an idea of ​​its mood.

ghost watchers is in Early Access for PC and can be purchased on Steam for R$23.19. The game saw a peak of around 4,000 players last week.

7. Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Addicted to you it’s a dating simulator with horror multiplayer assassins Dead in broad daylight. The title of the game is a pun on murderers arresting other players in Dead in broad daylight. The adventure is official and was developed by Psyop, who worked on the dating simulator with the Col. Sanderthe nice old man who lends his face to the KFC restaurant chain.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim sells for R$24.99 on Steam and was released on PC on August 3. The game saw around 4,500 concurrent players on Steam last week.

6. Digimon Survive

To survive this is the first game of Digimon which arrived in the West in 5 years. The title offers an original story and gameplay that mixes a visual novel with combat from a tactical RPG. The story follows protagonist Takuma Momozuka transported to a world full of monsters and dangers. Alongside Agumon, Takuma must fight to get home.

Digimon Survive is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, nintendo switch and pc. The game saw a peak of 6,000 players last week.

5. Northgard

Northgard is a management and strategy game based on Norse mythology. In the adventure, the player controls a clan of Vikings fighting for control of a mysterious newly discovered continent. To complete the 11 chapters of the campaign, the player must master the peculiarities of the first 6 clans and tame the relentless wilderness of the lands and peoples of the continent.

Northgard is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PC. On Steam, the 2018 game is on sale and can be purchased for R$14.49. The adventure registered a peak of 10 thousand players last week.

4. Behind the scenes

Still, Inside the back rooms appeared on the Best Games of the Week list, this time growing from 2,000 concurrent players to over 10,000. The online multiplayer horror title is cooperative for up to 3 players, who try to escape different scenarios horror, involving puzzles.

This game is based on creepypasta. In the gameplay, the trio must explore rooms, search for items that help them keep moving forward and avoid enemies.

Inside the back rooms is in Early Access for PC with 4 steps and can be purchased on Steam for R$10.89. The game saw a peak of around 11,000 players last week.

3. Dying Light

dying light mixes first-person action and survival mechanics in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by zombies. To cross the devastated city, the player relies on weapons and parkour movements. The adventure got a sequel in 2022, but it’s trending on Steam this week, due to a promotion.

dying light is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. On Steam, the game is on sale and can be purchased for R$24.74. The adventure registered a peak of 14 thousand players last week.

2. The forest

As a survivor of an airliner crash, the player enters The forest in a mysterious place. This forest is inhabited by a society of cannibalistic mutants, which forces the protagonist to fight to stay alive. Gameplay is all about building, exploring, and fearing a lot in this first-person survival horror simulator for up to eight people on PC.

The forest is available for PS4 and PC. On Steam, the game is on sale and can be purchased for R$9.49 until August 8. The adventure recorded a peak of 30 thousand players last week.

1. Multiverse

Again first this week, MultiVersus unites intense combat in platforming gameplay that simulates the experience of Super Smash Bros., from Nintendo. In the cast of available fighters, we find characters from Warner Bros, such as Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Finn, Wonder Woman, Steven Universe, Jake, Garnet and Superman. The adventure has solo or duo battle modes.

MultiVersus is free and available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5xboxone, Xbox series X e Xbox series S. The game peaked at over 115,000 concurrent players on Steam last week, rivaling and surpassing concurrent player counts with consolidated games like Apex Legends e GTA 5.

Source: Steam.DB

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