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Cement, brick, concrete, plasterboard, wood. All these names remind you of building a house, don’t they? What if we told you that we are talking about a container? That’s right, those giant containers you see in seaports.

One way to help the environment by offering a greener alternative to building a house from scratch, the houses with containers present themselves as the new bet of the housing market. And who gives guarantees of that orient oneself are partners Adriano Campos and Filipe Queirós, of Contentores Casas, speaking to idealista/news.

the top house prices to buythe lack of supply of homes for sale in the face of strong demand, the rising cost of living due to high inflation, rising interest rates, telecommuting, as well as other factors, contribute to explain the new trend, which started there and he’s in Portugal right now to talk about it.

However, despite the lodging being the big new focus, it’s a company that has expanded in multiple directions. According to the company, orders for transform containers in other uses vary between:

  • own accommodation;
  • Tourism ;
  • swimming pools;
  • spas;
  • selling products;
  • desks.

“We are in a phase of high demand, we know that this type of construction is more developed abroad, however we are making great strides to match the values ​​​​abroad”

Container houses: a form of sustainability

The basic idea of ​​this concept of prefabricated houses is durability. To reuse a shipping container which no longer serves its original purpose, the ecological footprint on the environment decreases because there is less consumption of other products.

However, you should keep a note: the durability is not 100% (although it is high). This will have everything to do with the customization that is requested and the adjustment made to the base product. THE container originadaptation work according to the state it is in, and how to solve the problem of thermal performance, are important factors.

There are countries where houses are made entirely out of containers and with a design that is far from what many associate with a house. /Unsplash

opt for a prefab container house it can even be synonymous, literally, with “walking with the house on your back”. When we tried to find out why people choose this concept instead of normal housing, Adriano Campos and Filipe Queirós state that the Constant change is an important factor.

“The ability to be removable helps with the acquisition of these properties, given the ease of transporting them to another location. We live in times of constant change and it has never been easier to transport a home”

Advantages of a container house

Those who like specific lines of architectural design may not like the container houses, But the benefits go beyond aesthetics. A container house is distinguished by being cheaper and faster to build – something that is not so easy to find these days.

Container Houses Facade

Real examples of Containers Casas / ContentoresCasas.PT

O the price per square meter (m2) is considerably lower than a traditional construction, and its construction can take only weeks, instead of months or even years, as it can happen in a traditional/normal construction.

Models and prices

On average, the price of a 40-foot container, approximately 30 m2 and turnkey (i.e. all materials and finishes chosen), is from 26,900 euros. But for the team Container Houses It’s all about customization. “Anything that changes in the quality of the materials is renegotiated on a case-by-case basis after a visit to Casa Modelo in Penafiel in our facilities. We do this to know the client and personally understand their requirements”.

Containers Houses Interior

Real examples of Containers Casas / ContentoresCasas.PT

The projects themselves, although conditioned on the design of the container, are in fact adapted whenever necessary. To most common typologies these are T1, T2 Standard and T2 Plus models, but container homes can be larger than that. Everything is made to measure and taking into account the has two fields and customer tastes.

“All customers have different tastes and we strive to best meet their expectations”

Authorization for container houses

As in a normal house, the container houses must be subject to the laws. In Portugal there are already places that approve the implementation of this type of building, however, the rules may change between areas.

Containers Houses Interior

Real examples of Containers Casas / ContentoresCasas.PT

Before buy land for prefab container house It is important that you inform the municipal council if you have the feasibility of the project. Nothing would be worse than buying the land and not being able to build the house of your dreams.

If you want build your own house, save and always be original, consider prefabricated containers. And yes, these are complete houseswith functional bathrooms and kitchens, in addition they are beautiful, efficient and super comfortable houses.

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