TikTok Music is Spotify and Apple Music’s next rival service

Social media success ICT Tac this is currently due to the short format of video content shared on its platform. The popularity of this new type of content quickly conquered young audiences and led giants like the Meta group (ex-Facebook) to emulate this ideology with Reels on Instagram, a phenomenon also recorded in YouTube Shorts, for example.

In a short time, TikTok has become the reference for creating content online. In fact, by several metrics, it’s already competing with Google and Google Maps as the primary way to discover new places and experiences.

However, the ambitions of ByteDance, current owner of TokTok, now focus on diffusion music, a sector led by Spotify and fur Apple Music.

From video to music streaming, we’ll soon have TikTok Music

At stake is a patent submission made by TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, last May and now public knowledge. In short, the new patent aims to protect the trademark “TikTok Music” with the description of presenting a service of diffusion music in the same way as Spotify and Apple Music.

Specifically, the service will allow the subscriber to buy, listen, download and share music. At the same time, they will also be able to create content such as a playlist, and can also share them through the app. Best of all? The user will be able to comment on the songs and, of course, use the tracks during their streams live, as well as in your videos.

TikTok now allows artists to pre-post songs before they go live. He also filed a trademark for “TikTok Music”, his own streaming service. .

—Dan Runcie (@RuncieDan) July 30, 2022

The novelty itself was naturally received by several users. Since TikTok is currently one of the main showcases and platforms for discovering new music, the next step will naturally be to provide a broad service similar in outline to Spotify and Apple Music.

A new interactive music experience as an alternative to Spotify and Apple Music

The “TikTok Music” trademark registration covers a range of potential uses for the app, from music playback to user commentary and live streaming of “interactive media programming”. https://t.co/IkfbSIo6zc

– billboard (@billboard) July 30, 2022

By the way, we remind you that this same ByteDance had already made available a diffusion music in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and Indonesia. The application was called Resso and was part of a pilot project in this area. Now TikTok Music can integrate know how acquired and new functionalities to assert itself with the leaders of the segment.

Note, however, that at this time we do not know exactly what the contours of this application and this music platform will be. However, it will be safe to consider this application as a social network junction, diffusion music and content creation platform integrated with TikTok.

Finally, as mentioned in the post The edgethe filing of the patent took place in the United States of America with the competent body, the USPTO.

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