The report that convinced Klopp to hire Díaz: ‘I have no doubts’

Liverpool’s bet on signing Luis Díaz from FC Porto was definitely a winning bet and Pep Lijnders, Jürgen Klopp’s assistant, now explains how the whole process went that led to the German coach choosing the talent Colombian in the book. “Intensity: inside Liverpool FC” which is in the pre-sale phase in England.

A book which, in essence, is a diary of the sensational 2021/22 season, in which the Reds won the FA Cup, the League Cup and in which they fought head to head with Manchester City in the Premier League. League until the end. A book in which the former FC Porto assistant, among many other stories, tells the process of Liverpool’s option for Luis Díaz, who took a stake in the Anfield team.

“Our observation service produces very useful videos on players that we might be interested in. We know which ones interest us long before they appear in the press. It’s fifteen minutes of analysis on strengths and weaknesses, but beyond that I always want to see full matches of the players I really like – the 95 minute clip, the truth, the stages, the reactions to the different stages of the game. This is my last report on Diaz when FC Porto faced Estoril”, begins by specifying Lijnders.

A quarter-hour video that came into the hands of Klopp accompanied by a report that finally convinced the German coach.

“When he starts setting up the pressure, he reads where the next pass is going to intercept him and runs with everything he has at the moment. Sense these opportunities to steal the ball close to the opponent’s area. It never stopped. Want to defend in front. I love it,” he added.

The report also reads:

“He can often move without the ball behind the back of the defence, when the ball is loose from behind. These are moments he has with good timing, but it may surprise him. He has excellent touch and ball control. Inside the zone, he has the ability to create shooting situations. Can dribble, pops up easily, overtakes play and slides left and right past defenders. In a small space at full speed, you can find the best option for drilling. To like. Always have an overview. I like that too. Go one-on-one to shoot from distance, which is great for our game.”

The Dutch technician goes further. “He easily adapts to the positioning of teammates and the outside triangle. With the ball on the opposite side, he can be more active, finding space behind the opposition’s last line. We must add the idea of ​​attacking from the middle too, more active to attack from the central aisle. It will also give you more spike moves, and with it, more goals. The back pressure will improve with our style and training. It’s going to be more intense with that. More aggressive. By far the best player. I HAVE NO DOUBT,” writes Lijnders in all caps.

A report that ended up impressing Klopp who, in response to Lijnders, said: “He is able to change a game”.

The author of the book further replied, “Absolutely, literally for them and figuratively for us. I hope that we will obtain this agreement”, he writes to close this chapter.


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