Juliana Paes accused of dismissing a sick employee. The actress denies

JUliana Paes found herself embroiled in controversy when she was accused of firing a cleaning lady when she had mental health issues. The allegations are made by Alberto João, son of Adriana das Graças, who worked as a cook and housekeeper for 11 years.

In a video posted to Twitter, Juliana Paes appears to be giving an interview and blowing Adriana a kiss. Then comes a video of the cleaning lady who says: “You have devoted yourself for 11 years to a family. You see your children being born and when you are depressed, you are hospitalized twice in a psychiatric hospital, you have to go to CAPS to get treatment. free medicine because nobody helps you. Thank you so much, Juliana, for thinking I’m wonderful.”

In the caption of the publication, Alberto João wrote: “The person in the video is my mother. She devoted herself for 11 years to the house of Juliana Paes. She gave everything. But when she had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, because of depression, was fired. The INSS gave her six months to take care of herself, but they didn’t want to know and fired her”.

According to Quem magazine, the Brazilian actress’ press office has denied the charges.

“The accusation made by Mrs. Adriana das Graças is not valid. Last July, the employee was dismissed. Juliana and her family have always been careful and respectful with the personal problems that Adriana went through during the period and that would never be the reason for the end of the contract. Juliana kept Adriana working for years in the treatment of the disease and going beyond her obligations as an employer with medical and also financial assistance. The dismissal took place for other reasons and was done within the framework of the law, guaranteeing all the rights to the former employee”, they communicated.

The magazine also contacted the former cook of Juliana Paes, who assured that she had always had a good relationship with the actress and her family. In fact, the artist even came to help her when she needed treatment.

“Boys are the love of children. I love them. With Dudu and Juliana, we never had any conflict either. In fact, I felt very bad, it was in 2011, when my daughter was abused by her father. She was eight years old and I felt very bad, but I did not trigger depression to the point of killing myself, of not living. I lived normally, I smiled and worked” , he recalls.

Currently unemployed, Adriana regrets having lost a large part of her children’s childhood because of work, since, she says, “it was the only source of income”.

Juliana Paes even helped the former maid buy a house to live with her children, money she never deducted from Adriana’s salary. Plus, he’s still paying for Adriana and her daughter, Allana’s health plan.

“I didn’t want to because I knew they would throw me in the face when the time was right. I don’t deny the help she gave me. I just won’t submit to being kicked like a dead dog , without the right to speak. Now it’s my turn,” said the former employee, quoted by Quem.

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