Iron Maiden unleashed the “beast” in Portugal

Iron Maiden, a legendary British band with nearly 50 years of history, had another memorable night, this time at the Estádio Nacional, in Lisbon. Audiences surrendered to the infectious energy of Bruce Dickinson and his peers.

It was the third time. After the postponement of the first meeting, in 2020, and the second, in 2021, due to the pandemic, the “beast” was unleashed in Portugal for a new unforgettable performance. Iron Maiden closed, Sunday evening, at the National Stadium, the “Legacy Of The Beast Tour” in European lands.

With British punctuality, Maiden started at 9 p.m. for almost two hours of concert, after the introductory theme “Doctor, Doctor”, by UFO, usual in recent years. Audiences were already warmed by the day’s heat, with thermometers still above 30 degrees in the Lisbon area, and stuffed with previous performances.

First with the agitated hard-rock of the Australians Airbourne then with the symphonic metal of the Dutchmen Within Tempation. Two performances that left a good note and showed that the bands have many fans in Portugal.

A snap from Nicko McBrain on drums opened hostilities for Iron Maiden. Bassist Steve Harris and guitarists Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers sounded the opening chords of “Senjutsu”, the first theme from the album of the same name released in September 2021. The masses roared wildly. And they also tightened up. Bruce Dickinson entered the stage dressed in black. The impeccable voice at 63 (she will be 64 on August 7). For the rest, the sound set, as a whole, is enviable.

“Senjutsu” is one of the group’s most recent releases, but it didn’t leave the audience without a reaction. After all, they are the legendary Iron Maidens. They are like port. The tone rose when the Eddie mascot appeared, in a samurai version, corresponding to the scenario composed of typical Japanese houses. He would later reappear dressed as a soldier in “The Trooper”.

With almost no room to catch his breath, “Stratego”, the second theme from the album “Senjutsu”, followed, followed by the more vibrant “The Writing On The Wall”. With the audience already on fire, the first part of the concert was over. A short break to change scenery, always very rich from a scenographic, pyrotechnical and luminous point of view, and the classics phase has begun.

At the time of “everything is online”, there are almost no surprises and there were no surprises at the national stadium either. The alignment went as planned. ‘Revelations’ (1983) got fans’ throats and arms even more excited for this British band with nearly 50 years of existence and some of heavy metal’s greatest classics under their belt. Bruce Dickinson still as restless on stage, irreproachable musicians. Unbeatable professionalism in a band where everyone is between 63 and 70 years old – the oldest being the drummer.

“Blood Brothers” (1980) is one of those thrills. And shivered at Jamor. “What are we?” asked Dickinson for the audience to respond, in unison, “We are blood brothers”. flamethrower during “The Flight of Icarus” (1983), devoted to the Greek tragedy of Icarus.

Always with new accessories, the restless vocalist continued his performance, accompanied by the fantastic light effects of the “Legacy Of The Beast Tour” and in front of a euphoric public, both on the ground and on the bench, who were in total ecstasy. with the sequence “Fear of the Dark” (1993), “Hallowed Be Thy Name” (1993), “The Number Of The Beast” (1982) and “Iron Maiden” (1980).

Three other classics – ‘The Trooper’ (1983), with Bruce Dickinson and Eddie dressed as British colonial soldiers fighting with swords, ‘The Clansman’ (1998) and ‘Run To The Hills’ (1982), one of the band’s most popular songs – sounded in the first encore. In the second, to close the party, Churchill’s speech precedes “Aces High” (1984), the one in which a life-size Spitfire plane seems to fly over the stage.

With the entire audience completely gone, the last words before the curtain fell: “See you around”, launched singer Bruce Dickinson to the 30,000 fans, before leaving the stage of this first concert of Iron Maiden in a stadium , in Portugal.

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