Grand ABC passes 50 monkeypox case mark – 08/02/2022

La Grande ABC yesterday crossed the bar of 52 cases of contamination by the monkeypox virus (monkey pox). São Bernardo and Santo André remain in second and third place in the state, with 19 and 17 people infected respectively.

The two cities are only surpassed by the capital, which has 837 cases. Since the last update published by the Gazette three days ago, ten more patients tested positive for the disease, with an increase of 24%.

Ribeirão Pires, who had not yet notified any cases of infection, confirmed the first record yesterday. Of the 17 cases reported by Paço Andreense, three patients are already cured. Rio Grande da Serra is the only municipality not to have reported any episodes.

The town halls have clarified that they continue to adopt training measures for employees of the public health network, in addition to directives for the population as a means of preventing the virus.

The cities of the region represent 27% of state cases of the disease – not counting the capital. For four infected patients, one is a resident of Grande ABC. So far, 52 municipalities have recorded monkeypox in the state.

Asked by the report Daily, the Ministry of Health said that vaccination is not determined by the WHO (World Health Organization) in countries not endemic for the disease, which is the case of Brazil. In addition, the file also underlines that he had conversations with the organization to define the acquisition of doses and define the application strategies with the PNI (National Vaccination Program).

According to ministry forecasts, the first vaccines against monkeypox should arrive on Brazilian soil in September, with around 20,000 doses, and another 30,000 vaccines for October. In principle, only healthcare professionals who handle patient samples and people who have had close contact with infected people should receive the request. The vaccine will be given in two doses, with an interval of 30 days between them.

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga announced on his social media yesterday that Brazil will receive, through PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), the antiviral drug Tecovimat to fight monkeypox. Queiroga, however, did not specify when the drug will be available to the public. “The most serious cases will be examined first,” he said.

In addition, the Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) last week created a Monkeypox emergency technical committee to develop coordinated and rapid actions against the new virus.

Brazil recorded its first death from the disease last Thursday, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The victim was a 41-year-old male patient.


According to information from the Ministry of Health, monkeypox can be transmitted through personal contact with respiratory secretions, skin lesions of infected people or recently contaminated objects.

The virus can also infect people through bodily fluids. Despite their name, non-human primates are not reservoirs of the virus and the current outbreak of the disease has nothing to do with animals.

Symptoms last two to four weeks and range from fever, swollen glands, appearance of sores resembling pimples or blisters, headache, muscle aches, back pain, chills and ‘exhaustion.

“It is important, as a form of prevention, to avoid intimate or sexual contact with people who have these skin lesions, to avoid kissing, cuddling and having sex with someone who already has It is very important to maintain respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene with soap and water and hydroalcoholic gel, and also the use of a mask for all those who have a positive case to home”, warns the director of the CVE (Epidemiological Surveillance Center) of the state, Tatiana Lang D”Agostini.

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