Erectile dysfunction, manipulated evidence and Russian ties: New documents reveal unpublished information in Depp v Heard case

More than 6,000 pages of documents sealed by the Fairfax court were revealed over the weekend

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended in June, in a verdict which convicted them both of defamation and involved the payment of $15 million to Depp and two million to Heard. Two months later, the case seems far from closed.

More than 6,000 pages of documents sealed by the Fairfax courthouse came to light over the weekend, with information the respective defense teams tried to submit as evidence – but were ultimately rejected by Judge Penney Azcarate before to reach the jury.

The documents, hitherto unpublished to the public, were analyzed by the North American site The daily beast and provide additional context to one of the most high-profile trials in recent years.

Erectile dysfunction – relevant detail or “unfair bias”?

In one of the most serious accusations leveled against ex-partner, Amber Heard claimed to have been sexually assaulted with a bottle. The lawsuit, however, did not include a detail that the actress’ team considered “absolutely relevant”: an alleged state of erectile dysfunction, which would make “Depp more likely to get angry or agitated on dates. ” with his partner. Heard’s lawyers argue that the ‘relevance’ of this information outweighed the possibility of ‘risk of unfair bias’ on the part of the jury, which would be able to ‘make a rational assessment of its weight’ . However, Johnny Depp’s alleged state of health has not been judged.

Innuendo, innuendo, innuendo

Four tests submitted by Johnny Depp’s team were downgraded under a single paragraph, which determines the exclusion of “irrelevant personal matters”. The first concerned photos in which Amber Heard appeared naked, in an apparent attempt to prove that she had no bruises or signs of physical abuse on the dates in question. Mentions of the actress’ previous relationships – as well as her sister, Whitney – were also dismissed as irrelevant to the case. A “brief period” as an exotic dancer is also mentioned, which the actor allegedly used to “frivolously or maliciously suggest or insinuate that [Heard] was once a companion”.

Whitney Henriquez, Amber Heard’s sister, is mentioned again in documents dated February 3 – months before the trial began on April 11. The witness is confronted with a series of questions about Logan, a friend of the actress who died in a car accident when they were both teenagers. Depp’s prosecution team begins by questioning the nature of that relationship, later insinuating that the “Aquaman” star was in the car at the time of the crash. Finally, they ask if the suspension of the driver’s license as a teenager was related to “the accident in which Logan died”.

In the now released documents, it reads that the suspension was due to “speeding fines” and that the suggestion of intervention in the accident “is made although there is no evidence to support this scandalous allegation”.

Messages mysteriously missing

Several text messages previously featured in the court battle against tabloid ‘The Sun’ are said to have disappeared for ‘unknown reasons’. These include a 2014 conversation between Heard and Stephen Deuters, then Depp’s assistant, during an alleged episode of violence aboard a private plane.

“If someone told him how bad he really was, he’d be shocked,” Deuters begins, adding that drug addiction has shaped the actor’s judgment. “I’m sorry he didn’t have a better way of understanding the gravity of his actions yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I remember them in great detail. He was horrified when I told him that he kicked you.”

Later, still in the context of this incident, Depp himself wrote several messages addressed to his companion: “Once again, I find myself in a situation of shame and regret. Of course I am sorry… I won’t do it again… My illness has taken over and taken hold of me… I feel so sad to let you down.” In later posts, he continued to apologize for his behavior and called himself “crazy” and “wild”. Getting no response for the next two hours, he commented, “I can see that understanding and forgiveness are not on the menu.”

Depp’s law firm concludes that the posts may have been “deleted” after an exhaustive – and unsuccessful – search for them. For this reason, several messages already judged by the British court were not admitted in the Virginia trial.

Millions of dollars have gone down

The fifth film in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga, in which Johnny Depp reembodies the emblematic character of Jack Sparrow, was shot during his marriage to Amber Heard – the actress would therefore be entitled to half of the “tens of millions” that would result from it” of this document.

Heard, however, rejected this large sum. The lawyers initially “begged” him to reconsider, but later acknowledged that the client had been “surprisingly true to her word, that it wasn’t about the money”.

Depp ‘alleges no physical or mental harm’

Although the first accusation of violence comes from Amber Heard, in an article by The Washington Post in which he did not directly name the attacker, the latest trial was the scene of mutual accusations of physical and psychological abuse.

One of the documents released over the weekend is an appeal forced by Depp’s defense team, which argues that the actor should not be subject to independent medical examinations because “he does not allege physical harm or mental”. It is further clarified that Depp “is not alleging that the actions of [Heard] had inflicted specific psychiatric harm” or “unusually severe emotional distress”, factors that would require evaluation by a medical professional.

These statements will be denied throughout the trial, with successive accusations of physical, psychological and emotional violence attributed to the ex-partner.

Manipulated evidence?

Johnny Depp presented several photographs and audio recordings purporting to prove the alleged incidents of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by his ex-wife. Among these is the voice recording in which the actress seems to imply that no one will believe that Depp, “a man”, is the victim of domestic violence.

In order to challenge this allegedly incriminating evidence, Heard’s team turned to Julian Ackert – a forensic expert at iDiscovery Solutions – to analyze the media’s metadata. Testifying in court under penalty of perjury, the expert claimed to have detected “anomalies compromising the authenticity” of the evidence, such as “missing” or “manipulated” file creation dates.

“These facts could be a sign of digital manipulation,” Ackert concludes. He also testified that the photos submitted by Heard were original.

As for the audio files, the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” will have submitted “partial” versions with obvious cuts, “which started and ended in the middle of a scene”.

Friendship with Marilyn Manson

According to the newly revealed information, Depp’s defense team has worked to suppress “references and related evidence” with the controversial singer, accused of domestic and sexual abuse by multiple women, arguing that the friendship between the two could see the client unjustly “condemned by association”. “.

In messages posted by Depp himself in previous trials, Manson accuses Lindsay Usich, his current wife, of replicating the behavior “sociopathby Amber Heard. “She is like Amber and the police are going to show up to impose an injunction on me”, he contextualizes, before asking “asylum” to his friend.

Fake accounts and… connections to Russia?

Johnny Depp emerged victorious from the defamation lawsuit, but not only. While he garnered admirers and box office success throughout his career, the legion of fans grew and revived during the trial – especially on social media, where videos and “memes” in support of the actor have multiplied. Almost unanimous admiration for the virtual world led Amber Heard’s team to question this trend, citing evidence of a “Russian ‘bot’ campaign” linked to then-lawyer Adam Waldman , who would have had “Russian relations”. The judge agreed to exclude any evidence of Waldman’s “alleged wrongdoing” and an alleged campaign against Heard.

“Threats and Deception”

Adam Waldman’s integrity is again in question when the actress’ team alleges that witness statements were obtained “by threat and deception”. The witness in question is Laura Divenere, a friend of Heard’s who said she saw no bruises or marks of violence. In the information now shared with the public, it is written that Divenere “testified that she felt pressured to sign the declaration” and that she was “threatened with negative consequences if she did not cooperate” with the lawyer.

Information that Johnny Depp wanted to delete (but could not)

But all the remedies offered by Depp’s lawyers were unsuccessful. Some of the evidence they wanted to exclude ended up being judged and considered by the jury – otherwise, without much weight in the final decision, which favored the actor.

One of these elements is the testimony of Ellen Barkin, an American actress who had a relationship with Johnny Depp in the 1990s and who describes her ex-partner as “controlling” and “jealous”.

The team also tried to devalue two multimedia events, without success. The first consisted of a written conversation between Depp and Paul Bettany, in which the two actors try to devise a method to determine if Amber Heard is a “witch”. Depp suggests: “Let’s drown it before we burn it!” I’ll then fuck the burnt corpse, just to make sure she’s dead. In a second multimedia-format test, Heard can be heard saying “I broke up with you a week before, a week before, a week before you beat me.”

Actors “comparable” to Amber Heard?

Although most of the information exposed by these documents disadvantages Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s team also presents statements of dubious authenticity. In a discussion of the multi-million dollar economic losses suffered by the actress, allegedly as a result of defamation suffered during the divorce proceedings, the lawyers mention a list of Hollywood stars who are said to be comparable to Heard’s status: Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Ana d’Armes. The Daily Beast notes that this claim is “dubious” because these actors are “clearly” stars of the highest caliber.

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