Eleven years later, see how Susana Henriques of ‘Peso Pesado’ is doing – News

Susana Henriques was one of the participants in the first edition of the “Peso Pesado” program that the Portuguese will remember. The former gymnast was one of the heaviest competitors to reach the format, having reached 170 kg, and also the one who stood out the most, among women, for weight loss.

On Sunday July 31, eleven years have passed since the final of the “Peso Pesado” and the date has not been forgotten by Susana.

“The moment I stepped on this scale and realized I had lost 130 lbs in just four months, against all odds and even with a multitude of people doubting I was capable of it, was one of the most special moments of my life”, praises Susana, who in recent years has dedicated herself to physical exercise and has become a personal trainer.

“I knew I still had a long way to go and that’s exactly where I focused: for each step of this path (which is for life). It’s been a beautiful journey and full of challenges” , underlines the participant of ‘Poids Lourds’. ‘, one of the few to have managed to maintain and even improve weight loss.

“Thank you to the girl on the left for teaching me the importance of self-love and self-care! ️Yesterday, years later, on the same date, I was at an amazing personal development event (domain which I fell in love with since my certification coaching) to learn more about me, work on me, look inside me”, he also underlined in the caption of a photo montage where he remembers his incredible before and after.

“And because the greatest change that can exist in you is that of the interior”, completed Susana, hoping that with her example, she will be able to motivate other people to, like her, change their lives.

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