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Herpes zoster was, until recently, little known to the population. Last month, two cases caught the attention on social networks: that of cantor Justin Bieberwho appeared in a video with part of his face paralyzed after a complication caused by the viral infection and, more recently, that of presenter Fernanda Keullahospitalized with severe pain and blisters on the skin.

The disease is an infection reactivated by the Varicella zoster virus, same as chickenpoxwhich is incubated in about 80% of people and manifests later, mainly causing skin lesions with severe pain, symptoms that can be prevented by vaccination.


In mid-June this year, Brazilian private clinics have started importing the Shingrix vaccinefrom the GSK pharmaceutical laboratory, approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in August 2021. It stood out compared to the previously proposed immunizer, Zostavax, for having a much higher efficiency – 97% against 51% – and for cover new Risk Groups.

According to Ana Rosa dos Santos, vice president of the Brazilian Society of Vaccinations (SBIm) and responsible for vaccination of Grupo Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica, Shingrix was developed to have a longer lasting and stronger immune response thanks to its production method.

“The vaccine has become more modern and effective. It was produced on a state-of-the-art platform, so it provides a much more robust immunization, especially in elderly patients, which the previous one did not, and also in immunocompromised patients,” explains Ana Rosa.

Difference between vaccines

Shingrix is ​​an inactivated virus vaccine, given in two doses, two months apart. Each has a recommended price of R$843 (totaling R$1,686), but the value may vary from one private clinic to another.

It is mainly indicated for people over 50, the age at which the immune system begins to weaken naturally. But young people aged 18 and over with some type of immune compromise or with diseases that weaken the body’s defense system can also be vaccinated.

The earlier version, Zostavax, on the other hand, is a single-dose vaccine made from attenuated virus. For this reason, explains Ana Rosa, it was contraindicated for the immunocompromised population.

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