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Ana de Armas’ secret to having the most elegant legs in Hollywood

At the premiere of ‘The Gray Man,’ the actress chose a bold skirt to show off the results of so much hard work in the gym.

Anne of Arms was honoured. After appearing in the film inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe and showing her impressive physical evolution, the actress is one of the stars of the action-adventure film. “The Gray Man”. The most expensive movie of all time on Netflix – but it was well below expectations, as you can read critical by NiT — premiered July 13 at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, USA. On the red carpet, the actress wore a model dress from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 collection, with a gladiator-style skirt that showed off her super-toned legs.

After her characterization for “Blonde,” in which she played the svelte and sultry Marilyn Monroe, many fans wondered how she managed to have such toned legs in such a short time. The secret did not last long.

On social networks, the actress share some videos of the training he does for the characters, which follows the plan he already revealed last year in an interview with magazine “Vogue UK”. The 34-year-old Cuban actress has revealed that her fitness in action movies is a direct result of super-intense training.

“When I play these kinds of more active characters, I prepare myself with a specific training routine, very intense exercises and choreography”. He added: “I train from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon, then I rest. On weekends, I go to the shooting range and practice target shooting. with the firearms that I have to use in the film.” Which also requires physical preparation.

After workouts, Dani from “The Gray Man” uses a massage gun to help relax his muscles. This one accessory is, according to the personal trainer at Holmes Place, Francis Rebola, “very useful, especially for athletes. It allows a diversified use and with different effects depending on how it is used”.

Ana always likes to relax after a long workout, like Account to “Vogue”: “I release all my tension in my shoulders and legs, and this device is really amazing”. The love story is so serious that he even has a special model gun to take on trips and to record.

“It’s small and triangular in shape that fits everywhere – including all my bags – and I take it with me on the plane to leave in my trailer and use it whenever I want,” reveals the actress . “Especially in this movie, where there is so much action, I end up using it as a warm-up before I start shooting, because it activates all the muscles. In the end, I use it again for the opposite effect – to cool off and relax.” The James Bond star goes further and guesses it’s a good complement to arnica salts and cream, which he uses to help recover from workouts the most demanding.

In addition to this intense routine, Ana de Armas developed her passion for Pilates and hiking in nature, an activity that helped her “take care of her mental health”. This modality, as stated by Joseph Pilates, its founder, also has an invigorating effect: “After ten hours, you will feel the difference. After twenty you will see the difference – and after thirty you will have a whole new body.

Ana de Armas also enjoys running alongside her dog Elvis and meditating through the application “Waking Up” by Sam Harris. “It helps me center myself, calm myself and stop after an intense day.” Despite being a rising star in Hollywood, he prefers – as can be seen in this profile from NiT about the actress – to continue living her life calmly and peacefully with her family and friends in Havana.

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