Xiaomi has a new wireless keyboard and mouse perfect for your setup

A Xiaomi has a new wireless keyboard and mouse pack available for the global market. It is in fact the new generation of Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard e Mouse seta set of two-in-one gadgets available to revamp our setup.

Both Xiaomi products were recently unveiled in China and will be available in the global market. Therefore, we also count on its possible availability in Portugal, although this could only happen in a few weeks or months.

Meet Xiaomi’s new ergonomic keyboard and mouse

For those looking for a new wireless keyboard and mouse pack with an emphasis on value for money, connectivity options and ergonomics, we can highlight this new “Combo”. In fact, according to the brand itself, both gadgets are particularly ergonomic, with a sober design to fit into any configuration.

First we have the new wireless keyboard and mouse, the keyboard and mouse that helps any user clean up their desktop wirelessly. Use the connection instead wireless at 2.4 GHz to communicate with the computer and each other.

According to Xiaomi, the established connection is stable and virtually immune to signal interference. These are two products focused on general use, particularly suitable for work, even for some more relaxed games.

Xiaomi Combo has a wireless mouse and keyboard for any user

Wireless keyboard

we only have one nano-receiver, the USB adapter that we must use to connect the peripherals to the computer. It is a compact adapter, very similar to what we already know from Logitech, Trust, among other peripheral manufacturers.

For those who appreciate a clean and organized workspace, this pack allows you to eliminate cables and the visual noise generated by them without sacrificing the quality of the connection. We do, however, have a USB-C port on the keyboard for charging and cable connection.

This is the latest iteration of the combinations which have been launched by Xiaomi in the global market in recent years. In particular, we now have a full keyboard with 103 keys and three operating areas. We also have several commands and macros, as well as 12 FN keys that allow quick access to various computer functions to be customized by the user.

Note that Xiaomi’s wireless mouse uses an AAA battery with a promise of several months of autonomy. For this, the mouse has an automatic sleep function to save energy when not in use, and it also has a symmetrical design.

Productivity guaranteed by Xiaomi and promise of low prices

Wireless keyboard

The pack thus includes a complete wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse with a symmetrical design (ambidextrous) with central wheel. These are relatively simple products, but they promise to do what they set out to do, which is to provide a low-cost working pack.

Finally, it remains to know its recommended retail price in Europe. However, with global availability guaranteed, it will only be a matter of time before we have more information on when it hits our market.

By the way, we remind you that Xiaomi currently sells several working mice in Portugal through the official store, from €19.99 at the time of this writing.

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