Xiaomi glasses with camera and augmented reality? Yes please!

The new crazy things from Xiaomi are the augmented reality glasses and the 15x zoom. These are glasses with a camera and a small screen. That’s right, now it will be possible to easily record all the most important moments and see what the world looks like through augmented reality lenses.

Are you ready for the next stage of Technology augmented reality? THE Xiaomi just unveiled a new wearable that takes things to a whole new level: glasses with a camera and a small filter.

That’s right, now it will be possible to easily record all the most important moments and see what the world looks like through augmented reality lenses. Imagine all the possibilities that this new technology opens up!

Of course, with any new technology, there are bound to be downsides. For example, the glasses have a 15x zoom camera which can be dangerous to use on the go. And the small screen can be hard to see in bright light.

But overall, these glasses are a huge step forward in augmented reality technology, and we can’t wait to see what else they can do in the future!

Augmented reality may become the new trend among tech companies, but for most of them, it will be difficult to take the plunge without having the basics and the technology to start on their own. Even one of the companies that bet the most on this concept, Meta, preferred to start with “simple” Ray-Ban camera glasses.

What Xiaomi presented today goes further, and one could say that it is the natural evolution of this product. They are glasses with a camera, but in this case the priority is not so much on the glasses themselves, but more on the technology incorporated. Just like the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses cameras.

Xiaomi Camera Glasses

The device announced today is essentially a wearable camcorder that comes in the form of glasses. While Ray-Ban glasses and Facebook tried to hide the camera inside the frame, in this case the main camera is very large and visible. That’s because it’s also a far superior camera, capable of taking ‘first-person’ photos, which should surprise us.

The main sensor used is 50 Mpx, but what is interesting is that it is accompanied by an 8 Mpx telescopic camera with optical image stabilization, which allows us to zoom and take pictures of much more distant subjects. Specifically, thanks to this sensor we can activate the 5x optical zoom, in addition to a 15x hybrid zoom.

Xiaomi glasses with camera and augmented reality?  Yes please!  of them

One of the big problems when recording or taking photos is that we often miss the moment; these cameras have a “rewind” function, which constantly holds the images even when we are not taking pictures. When we press the button to take the photo, we have the option to go back 10 seconds and save the image in memory. The photos can then be sent to the mobile using the official application, where we can also apply filters and share them with other users.

But that’s not all. These glasses also feature augmented reality technology in the right lens, thanks to a Micro OLED display with 60% light efficiency. We cannot use this viewfinder to see the photos we have taken, nor to see what the camera sees, but it is able to display text and graphics superimposed on the “reality”.

Xiaomi glasses with camera and augmented reality?  Yes please!  3

Xiaomi used it to implement a real-time translator between English and Chinese. Indeed, the glasses are able to identify the text thanks to the cameras and display the translation on the integrated screen. Another cool feature shows guides for taking better photos, with several preset scenes, and Xiaomi promises more features in future updates. To run this software, a processor is included Snapdragon eight cores.

Confidentiality is an aspect that will give a lot to say in this type of product. Although these glasses do not go unnoticed, Xiaomi has implemented LED indicators on the front that light up if we take photos or record a video. And for the user, it is promised that others will not be able to access the photos we take if they are stored in the internal memory of the glasses.

The Xiaomi Mijia Glasses camera is available in China through the brand’s crowdfunding platform, with a starting price of 2,699 yuan, or around 360 euros at the exchange rate.

Xiaomi’s new glasses are a major step forward in the field of augmented reality. With a camera and a small screen, they allow users to see the world around them in greater clarity and detail. We at AndroidGeek will keep you up to date with all the latest New and tech leaks, so keep an eye out!

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