What to expect from Apex Legends Season 14?

Article with the collaboration of João Marques (RankSpot)

Each season brings its share of news and this one, without a doubt, could not be an exception, starting with the King’s Canyon map which makes a return to the rotation of ranked matches.

The map that’s been there since it all started is getting more of Respawn’s attention. There’s been a huge update when it comes to the color scheme and everything is getting brighter and brighter. However, the biggest shakes were not in the visual part, but in the content present on the battlefield.

If you’ve played since the first seasons, you may remember that the map has already gone through several changes. One of the most controversial was the destruction of Thunderdome and Skull Town in Season 5 at the hands of Loba. Fast forward now, the Syndicate’s operation to rebuild King’s Canyon is complete, leaving the land ready for the Apex Games with the addition of the new Relic point of interest and increased landmass.

Cage suffered a reduction in playable area, as he dominated that part of the map too much, leading to overly prolonged battles. Broken Relay was not performing as expected as a point of interest and received new buildings, giving it a new look and more loot.

The developers of Apex Legends have ensured that the emphasis when working on a map is to consider its health, promoting good pace of play, balanced landings and good dispersion objects on the ground. These King’s Canyon improvements are also intended to encourage players to make rotation decisions that are more proactive than reactive.

Finally comes the extension of the maximum level

It’s not the first time this has happened. When the game was released, the level cap was 100, with around 30 free packs.

In the first year, the target was raised to level 500 and allowed people to buy around 200 packs for free. Now with the arrival of season 14 comes an addition of new levels to climb in a kind of Prestige where we will have the chance to climb to level 500 three more times, essentially raising the barrier to 2000 levels, something that will provide nothing more, no less than 544 packs in total.

If you are familiar with the Heirloom system, you know that this means that every player will have access to a Heirloom just by playing (ie without spending any money), which is highly anticipated by the community.

New weapons available in the field?

I should start by saying that from Respawn it has already been confirmed that they are not thinking about putting new weapons in the game just for fun or to have new content. Inserting a new weapon will always be a necessity in the game meta, to accommodate what is available at the moment. Still, it’s safe to say that the changes in what includes weapons weren’t that basic.

For starters, the controversial Wingman is no longer a heavy bullet weapon and is starting to use sniper bullets. This change rebalances the amount of ammo the player has in inventory. But that’s not all, Wingman is once again receiving the illustrious Skullpiercer, one of the fans’ favorite items. As you know this hop-up works on Longbow and will also be supported on 30-30 Repeater from this season.

The Eva-8, which was falling into disrepair, has undergone high-impact transformations, starting with its rate of fire which has been increased, but also now the possibility of carrying stocks, improving its maneuverability and speed. reloading. To help the situation, the Double Tap item is again available on the ground, which not only works on the Eva-8 but also on the G7 Scout.

That’s right, the G7 Scout is now ready to go, just like the Volt, with Bowcek and Rampage in their place. No doubt this will shake up the way the game is played and what players have in mind when looking for weapons.

Another unexpected change is Spitfire’s switch to light bullets, giving more of a late game option to these, which were at a disadvantage in this regard compared to heavy bullets.

Another addition that worries how to play is the new Laser Sights, an item that will fit into the barrel of submachine guns and pistols. It serves to drastically reduce the dispersion of bullets when fired without aiming, thus distancing the use of an SMG compared to an assault rifle. As with the glasses, players will be able to choose the color of the laser, which will facilitate access for people with color blindness.

To finish the subject of weapons, we could not fail to mention the infamous Charge Rifle, which will not be removed as many have requested, nor even adjusted. Eric Canavese (Chief Weapons Manager) says they are listening to feedback and actively considering what they can do about this situation, but there are no plans for the near future.

But it’s not all bad news for those who love change.

The Golden Knockdown Shield was one of the most talked about items in the community and Respawn decided to take action. This object thus loses its famous ability to allow the player to revive itself on death and gains the ability of the golden backpack, which offers the player the possibility of reviving a teammate with 100 more life points than usual. The new skill for the golden backpack is called Deep Pockets and gives the player the ability to carry more large healing items with them, be it medkits, batteries, and Phoenix kits.

What does the future hold for us?

The team communicated that they continue to work hard to bring progression to all platforms, but this is quite a complex issue due to the way the game was initially built without considering this possibility.

Another option that players want to see come to fruition is giving gifts to friends, be it coins or skins, which Evan Nikolich (design director) has confirmed that they are actively looking for solutions to make this possible opportunity.

Regarding the PVE missions as we have seen previously, for example the Bloodhound in Season 10, Respawn clarified that there is not a high chance of them returning as they are aspect-focused. competitive and multiplayer. But they did not fail to allude to the fact that these same missions could be presented by other means or products.

The most attentive know that a game in the world of Apex Legends is currently in development, which has already been confirmed that it is not Titanfall 3.

Coming to this Season 14, there will be even more changes which have not been mentioned but will be available in the update details, so stay tuned. At first glance there will be more changes both to the map and to the weapons and probably the characters, including of course the new legend that we can already see in the trailers and which will have an article that will be dedicated to you available on August 4th. .

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