The heatstroke and the cessation of digestion lead Cuca Roseta to abandon the concert in Erra and outrage people – Notícias do Sorraia

The population of Vila Nova da Erra, Coruche, is outraged by fado singer Cuca Roseta, after she allegedly abandoned the concert for which she was hired by the Festival Commission in honor of Nossa Senhora do Vale, according to Miguel Capucho, the singer’s representative, for having suffered a digestive arrest, supposedly caused by heat stroke.

The concert with Cuca Roseta at the Festas da Erra was scheduled for this Sunday, July 31, when about half an hour after its start, the famous Portuguese singer felt ill and left the stage, being later “replaced” by the local fado singer Beatriz. fortunate.

Miguel Capucho has already reacted in a statement to what happened, thus intending to clarify the whole situation, which he regrets, also stressing that “immediately reimbursed all sums paidto the Festival Committee, after having refused to reschedule the concert, for today (Monday) or for a day to be agreed between the two parties.

According to the artist’s manager, she sang for 35 minutes, the equivalent of eight songs (Rua do Capelão, Chiça Penico, Negrita, Tiro-liro-liro, Finally, Porta do Beijo, Fado Corrido and Rosinha), when “started to feel dizzy, sick and very badly indisposed”.

After finishing the first part of the concert, Cuca Roseta returned to the dressing rooms, and according to Miguel Capucho it was “the organization was immediately informed of what was happening”.

In order to “save artist recovery time“, the fado singer Raquel Machado was called on stage, as well as Miguel Capucho himself, a former fado singer who played two songs.
“Knowing the presence of Beatriz Felizardo, I invited the artist to sing four other fados, which she knows and respects, trying to save more time, and to give the public the entertainment they were counting on”, justifies Cuca’s quarry manager. Roseta the presence of the fado singer.

There were no doctors or firefighters on the scene, the manager called in a nurse available on site who assessed, as far as possible, a possible heat illness, suggesting that the artist leave the premises and could, as a precaution, if necessary, be evaluated by an electrocardiogram“, they declare in a press release, regretting that the state of health of Cuca Roseta has not improved to allow him to conclude the emission.

According to his representative, Cuca Roseta was on Monday being assessed by a specialist. Although there is still no medical report, it is suspected that the 42 degrees felt during the afternoon in Vila Nova da Erra contributed to the artist’s discomfort.

Miguel Capucho regrets the whole situation, of a concert that ended up being postponed twice, due to the pandemic, and of which “Management was also sensitive to the possibilities of the Commission and reduced its value by 50%..”

“Although we understand the frustration of a Festival Committee which struggles a lot to carry out this kind of concert and to which we are always sensitive, there must also be a better understanding on the other side if there is has a health problem with the artists, the only safeguard that allows a postponement of the concert”, we read in the press release of the artist, who claims to have “the same commitment and love to sing for large crowds or small villages”.

Miguel Capucho also points to “the less dignified way in which the Commission has dealt with the matter”, refusing to provide further clarification on the matter and what he says is the “less dignified way”.

The manager also mentions that although there has been a change of venues in the official calendar of the artist, published on her social networks, she “always knows where she is going to sing”, the municipality being referenced first and then just the place.

Miguel Capucho ends the statement by addressing “thanks to the artist Beatriz Felizardo for the support given at the time and in the lived episode”, hoping that the clarifications provided can serve the truth and nothing more than the truth.

NS also contacted António Brotas, judge of the Festas da Erra Commission, who told us that for the moment the Commission would not react to the press release, promising however to clarify the matter in due time and all those who have been by the Commission side over the past three years.


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