The first monkeypox vaccines will arrive in September

The first doses of the monkeypox vaccine for Brazil are expected to arrive in September, Health Ministry Executive Secretary Daniel Pereira and Ministry of Health Surveillance Secretary Arnaldo Medeiros recently informed. About 20,000 doses will land in the country in September; and 30 thousand in October.

Only health professionals who handle samples taken from patients and people who have had direct contact with patients will be vaccinated. The vaccination schedule will be in two doses, with an interval of 30 days between them.

The acquisition will be through an agreement with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) because the Danish company that produces the non-replicable vaccine does not have an office in Brazil, nor does it have the intention to open representation in the country. “There is a request from PAHO for the acquisition of 100,000 doses of vaccines for the Americas. Of these 100,000 doses, 50,000 will be purchased by the Ministry of Health,” Medeiros detailed.

This afternoon, the secretaries of the Ministry of Health granted a press conference to explain the actions of the portfolio, the day of the inauguration of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), which will coordinate disease surveillance and control work.

According to the Secretary of Health Surveillance, the ministry has informed that there will be no mass vaccination campaign as there is no recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO). “The WHO does not advocate mass vaccination, so we are not talking about a vaccination campaign like we were talking about covid-19. These are absolutely different viruses, it is an absolutely different clinic, an absolutely different contagion, an different lethality. These are absolutely different diseases”, he justified.

Although at this first moment Brazil is buying doses from a Danish company, Medeiros has not ruled out the possibility that in the future the Ministry of Health may buy doses from the Butantan Institute or the Laboratory Manguinhos, of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, if these units produce a non-replicable immunizer against monkeypox and if necessary.


The Department of Health maintained guidelines for those suspected of being infected. Anyone with symptoms should seek medical attention, notify close contacts and self-isolate as soon as possible. Although most of the cases recorded so far have been in men who have had sex with men, the health surveillance secretary has warned that anyone can contract the virus.

“The epidemiological data we have indicates that in almost 20,000 cases worldwide, more than 95% of confirmed cases are men who have sex with men, but this is not about stigma because the main form of transmission is by contact. [direto com a pele da pessoa infectada]. It is essential not to stigmatize, because the main form of transmission is skin-to-skin contact”

To balance

The Ministry of Health has also updated the statistics of monkeypox cases. In Brazil as a whole, the number of confirmed cases rose to 1,066, from 978 until yesterday. The cities with the most occurrences are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

The leaflet also gave more information about the first death of an infected person in Brazil. The patient, a 41-year-old man from Belo Horizonte, was treated for cancer with chemotherapy, was immunocompromised and died of complications from symptoms of monkeypox. He was in a public hospital in the capital of Minas Gerais, went to the intensive care unit (ICU), but could not resist.

This afternoon, Spain also confirmed the first death of monkeys from smallpox, the second outside the African continent. So far, seven deaths have been recorded across the planet in this outbreak of the disease. The country with the highest number of cases is the United States, with around 4,900 occurrences.

With information from Agência Brasil

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