Quantum computing solved a BMW problem in just 6 minutes

The technological world is constantly changing and, as a rule, these are evolutionary changes, with new things contributing to a significant advance in our experience, as we know it today.

Well, but nothing like concrete examples to prove this same thesis. In this sense, the latest information indicates that quantum computing solved a BMW problem in just 6 minutes.

Quantum Computing Solves BMW's Problem in 6 Minutes

As Recent news report that quantum computing company Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) rose to prominence after successfully solving an optimization problem proposed by BMW. The process was called the Vehicle Sensor Placement Challenge (VSPC) and to solve it, it was necessary to indicate the ideal positioning of the sensors of the vehicle, taking into account the total number of 3,845 variables and 500 restrictions.

But quantum computing once again shone in this challenge and managed to solve a complex problem in record time. Specifically, the technology solved this complex BMW problem in just 6 minutes, thus being able to offer 70 times the performance achieved by the quantum implementation in the same problem in 2021.

These kinds of problems are too complex to be solved by a traditional computer. And even if you tried, it would be a very time-consuming task and might not even be effective. Therefore, when it comes to placing the sensors correctly in a self-driving car, it is a process that requires the same efficiency, given its complexity and the large number of variables, such as the design of the chassis, absence of obstacles, weather conditions, weight distribution of the car, etc.

In these processes, there is always a lot of trial and error, and everything starts from scratch in each of the cars where it is applied. As such, time is money and the speed of these delicate and fine tasks, as well as their efficiency, are the fundamental factors. So QCI solved this car brand situation in just 6 minutes and always got the best possible solution. The quantum computing company provided a solution consisting of 15 sensors, which provide 96% coverage of the vehicle.

One of the fastest quantum systems

Quantum Computing Inc states that their system is one of the fastest. It's called Entropic quantum computation, and eliminates the requirements of a near-perfect environment where quantum bits, or qubits, operate. As such, the process is said to significantly reduce design, installation and operating costs.

In short, thanks to this QCI system, the computer adapts to changes in the environment, saving time and money. According to Bob Liscouski, CEO of QCI: "We are very proud to have achieved what we consider to be an important result in the evolution of quantum computing. We believe this demonstrates that innovative quantum computing technologies can solve real business problems today. What is even more significant is the complexity of the problem solved. This was not a rudimentary problem to show that quantum solutions will one day be viable, it was a very real and significant problem whose solution could potentially help accelerate completion in the autonomous vehicle industry.".

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