Prime Minister denounced for defrauding over BRL 1 million with cryptocurrencies promising profits of up to 30% per month, lawyer says | Goias

Military Police Officer Francisco de Assis Jesus de Oliveira, denounced for having defrauded more than 1 million BRL with cryptocurrencies, promised profits of up to 30% per month to other police officers, said victims’ lawyer Rubens Barbosa. According to investigations, he offered investments, advice and mentorships in alleged financial investments.

On TV Anhanguera, the defense of the accused indicated that he has not yet had access to the file, and that the procedure takes place in judicial secrecy.

In a note to g1the military police of Goiás indicated that they had taken all the appropriate measures in the administrative field and were monitoring the process in the courts.

“It started in July and continued until October last year. Investments started at R$1,000, but some victims made multiple deposits of up to R$10,000. moment he said the money was blocked,” the lawyer said.

The preventive detention against Francisco took place on Thursday (28). A complaint for the crime of embezzlement was presented by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) to justice on Friday (30). He was assigned to the Metropolitan Tactical Ostensible Rounds Battalion (Rotam) of goiania.

According to the lawyer, in all, 23 other police officers were beaten. The military justice also accepted the request of the deputy to block the sums available in the name of the people investigated on bank accounts.

“He stayed about a year in Rotam. We think you saved money because there was no acquisition of assets such as cars or real estate. The victims trusted him, so they tried the investment,” Rubens said.

Rotam team car — Photo: Reproduction/Casa Militar website

According to the complaint filed by MP-GO, about a year ago, the police officer began guiding his colleagues with advice and mentoring on financial investments in cryptocurrencies (a type of virtual currency), assets to variable income and sports betting.

Thus, the victims began to participate in a joint bank, created and maintained by Francisco de Oliveira, in an online platform, based in the United Kingdom, where he would apply values ​​​​in sports betting, with a promise of 30% of profitability 50%.

“At first he promised profits of up to 30%, when he saw that the victims were looking for a financial return, he went so far as to say that the ‘business’ was very good, and spoke of profits until at 50%”, underlined the lawyer for the victims. .

The lawsuit says Francisco told co-workers he would take responsibility for any damages. However, after a few payments, none of the police officers received income from the securities and when contacted by colleagues said the money was blocked due to technical problems.

To release the values, the policeman asked his colleagues for an additional R$2,000. Since they disagreed with the request, the cable promised to pay them by December 20, 2021. However, since then they received nothing and continued with the losses.

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