Learn 8 great tips to save your cellphone battery

There’s nothing more annoying than having to use your phone and it’s out of battery, right? ! That’s why we’re going to show you foolproof tricks to how to save cell phone battery. O Bit Teach will show you how to double the battery life of your cell phone.

8 tips to save cell phone battery (Image: Pexels)

What consumes the most cell phone battery?

There are certain features of your phone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows Phone which consumes more battery. learn stuff from how to save cell phone battery!

Phone manufacturers are investing in new models with more powerful batteries, but every now and then we are caught off guard by the low battery message.

Enabling Battery Saver is a great strategy to make it last longer, but if you don’t want to use this feature, there are other ways.


8 tips to save your cellphone battery
Image: Pexel

See what influences the high battery consumption of the smartphone, in order to avoid making mistakes and ending up with your mobile phone completely drained:

  • Screen brightness;
  • Location;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Flash light;
  • Diffusion;
  • Wallpaper;
  • notices;
  • vibration mode;
  • Others.

I’m sure there are items on this list that you didn’t know were consuming a lot of your cell phone battery, so we’ll show you how to avoid high consumption.

It is important to use smart strategies for best results.

Tips to save cell phone battery

Have you been through the stress of being on the go, needing your phone and having it completely drained? ! Calm down, we’ll give you advice how to save cell phone battery so that you will never experience this hopeless situation again.

There are several ways to use the phone with only 10% battery longer than expected, just use some features and disable others.

8 tips to save your cellphone battery
Image: Pexel

When looking for a charger or outlet, prevent your phone from draining completely and practice today’s tips.

battery saver mode

Some smartphones offer two battery saving options, they are usually named as follows:

  • Battery saving;
  • Ultra battery saver.

Step by step to enable battery saver

Find out how to use the battery saver feature!

  • Access your phone’s drop-down menu;

  • Then click on “Battery saver”;

OK, the feature is now enabled.

The difference between the two options is quite simple, while the first one limits you in certain features, the second option is even more limiting.

Use them when you see your phone going into red mode, indicating a low battery percentage.

great say: Always leave the interfaces of your phone with dark colors, because if it is dark or black, you will save with the brightness of the screen.

Ways to save cell phone battery

learn it ways to save cell phone batteryare simple attitudes that will make all the difference.

  • Decrease screen brightness: you have no idea how much money it saves to use medium to low screen brightness, because the more light exposure, the more battery drain to keep it high;
  • Disable function llocation: This is one of the best tips in the article, turn off the location feature on your phone. This feature is exceptional, but use it with care as it consumes a lot of power;
  • turn it off Bluetooth: If you are not using Bluetooth, turn off the feature to avoid further draining the battery. The feature is great for beaming whatever you want from your cell phone to another device, but unfortunately leaving it on for a long time consumes a lot of cell power.
  • Flash light: we can already imagine that alMobile phone antenna consumes a lot of battery, after all, it produces light and heats up quickly when it is produced. To have greater durability while saving battery power, do not use the flashlight when the cell phone indicates its power discharge;
Image: Pexel
  • Notice: limit or disable your notifications, with less work, the phone will have more energy sustainability;
  • turn off vibration: vibrations are essential when you can’t let the sound play, but limit the vibrations, after all, they consume a lot of energy from the smartphone;
  • Wallpaper: avoid putting the video as wallpaper or as a screen saver, as this format consumes more energy;
  • Connections: Avoid keeping your Internet connections active if possible. A super important tip in cell phone internet disabled condition is to turn on airplane mode, do the test.

Did you like our tips?! Put them into practice!

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