Google Assistant: It’s important to make these changes

Google Assistant is increasingly used. In fact, it is not only present on our smartphone but also on various devices that we have at home or even in the car. But there is a big question. Some privacy policies and issues are constantly being changed by Google and as such, it should be realized that we don’t share our lives too much unknowingly. So now you need to make these changes in the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant: It’s important to make these changes

Making these changes is easier than it looks, both in android how not iOS. That said, in the Google Assistant app, click on your profile picture. Then you just have to click on Me. A menu appears with the various wizard settings. Everything can be changed individually.

It will be interesting, for example, to see the option your locations. There, you can check some things that Google knows about you, namely your home and where you work. Eventually, you may even have moved and need to make changes. If you want Google to forget this, just click the X in front of the address.

Another option worth considering is shopping. Here you can check the transactions you have made. This helps to see if something is wrong with your account.

But there is more important information you can check. For this, you can always use your smartphone or even your computer. It’s about knowing what Google knows about you.

Everything Google knows about you

If you are on your smartphone, just in the settings of the assistant choose Manage your Google account. On the computer, you can click here. You will land on the ads personalization page. Right from the start you will see that the first piece of information concerns age. Then everything else is related to tastes.

Google is aware

Most people have hundreds of entries. We quickly realized that in this list we found everything we normally like and we will look on the Internet.

However, if you feel something is not right, you can change it. Just click on the field you want to edit and you get a window like the one you see below.

Google Assistant changes

Then just click update and change the information.

What can I do so that this information is not saved?

Well, lots of things. One option is to use the button we see at the top of the page to turn off ad personalization. While this will cause Google to stop collecting information regarding ad availability, it won’t work miracles.

Another option is to manage how your data is handled in your Google Account. In this regard, Google even helps to ensure that you have no problems. So if you go to that link you will see that in the bottom right corner there is something that says privacy suggestions available. In this case, I never ran this wizard.

Then click on review suggestions. Then just follow the wizard and select the correct one.

Google Assistant changes

The first is very important. Indeed, you can automatically delete everything Google collects about you for as long as you want.

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