EDP ​​Comercial rules out any electricity price changes until the end of the year

EDP ​​​​Comercial said in a statement this Sunday that it “does not plan to make any further changes to the price of electricity by the end of the year” except “exceptional situations during the coming months”.

Contacted by the Lusa agency about the statements of the president of Endesa regarding an increase of about 40% in the price of electricity already in the July bills, an official source of EDP Comercial indicated that no change ‘was planned.

The president of Endesa, Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, said, in an interview with “Jornal de Negócios” and Antena 1, that electricity will increase by around 40% in July bills.

The same source added that “EDP Comercial’s electricity price update for residential customers already came into effect on July 1 and represented an average drop of 2.9%”.

“EDP Comercial does not plan to make any further changes to the price of electricity by the end of the year, except in exceptional circumstances in the coming months. At that time, the tariffs will be updated by the company according to market conditions”, adds EDP in the same press release.

According to the president of Endesa, “from the end of August, but already in the July electricity bills, people are going to have a bad surprise. […] We are talking about something in the order of 40% or more, compared to what people have paid”.

According to the electricity company, the payment of the “gas brake” is in question.

This brake, created for Portugal and Spain, led to a discount on the price of natural gas used to produce electricity.

The government reacted this Sunday to the statements of the president of Endesa, in particular through the Ministry of the Environment, which described the statements as “alarmist”, and the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba , who said it was “impossible”. see a 40% increase in the energy bill thanks to the Iberian mechanism.

Contacted by Lusa, the Ministry of the Environment said in a statement that it sees “no justification” for this increase and that the free market has other suppliers.

The government also mentioned in the note that “consumers will still be able to seek better prices”, or adhere to the regulated tariff, which “was reduced by 2.6% in the second half of this year”.

For the executive, these statements, about the Iberian mechanism, “do not correspond to the truth”, since “the prices with the mechanism will always be lower than without”.

Thus, as noted by the Secretary of State for Environment and Energy, João Galamba, associating a price increase to the mechanism “does not make sense, it is an impossibility”.

The official said there is no tariff deficit associated with the mechanism, considering that the costs are “fully paid” by its beneficiaries.

“It is also important to say that the electricity marketing market is very competitive, with many offers. It is not possible to say which price increases or decreases, it depends on the commercial offer of each company. There is a lot of. The only thing we can say is whatever the offer, it would be worse without the mechanism,” he added.

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