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“I came to Italy. I’m in the Puglia region and I’m going to visit several towns and beaches in the region. It’s 35 degrees. There’s Brazilian music playing in the pool. I’m on vacation.” Still. Cristina Ferreira traveled to Italy over the weekend, about more than a month after being in Mallorca for another vacation — which is already there.

Still in need of rest, the presenter and director of entertainment and fiction from TVI has now headed to Puglia, the region where the Tenuta Mosè, a charming hotel located in Sannicola, is located.. If in Mallorca the Can Cera Hotela 17th century house transformed into a small luxury hotel, enchanted by the antiques that have given elegance and charm to the decoration, in this new accommodation destination, Cristina Ferreira will feel the same old charm, but with an Italian refinement rather than Spanish.

The presenter landed in these areas this Saturday July 30 and in less than 24 hours she had the opportunity to show the best of Tenuta Mosè.

First, the pools. We say it in the plural, because in addition to the swimming pool located outside the old house, faithfully restored to its original beauty, with hectares of vineyards around, the suites of the aristocratic Villa Costa and Villa Caracciolo have a private swimming pool resembling the ancient Roman baths.

From the first photographs shared by the Director of Animation and Fiction of the Queluz de Baixo station, it seems that she stayed in one of these suites, the Desert Rose Suite — decorated with antique furniture. , leather armchairs, floral motifs and a private balcony. —, so for the moment we have only one thing to say: envy.

A second publication by Cristina Ferreira shows the details of the night in Sannicola, specifically in the panoramic restaurant Il Petrosino, whose charm lies in the fact that it sits directly opposite the immaculately landscaped garden lit by the serene lights of twilight.

The Petrosino

The Petrosino

credits: tenutamosis

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The Petrosino credits: tenutamose

At nightfall, inside or on the restaurant terrace, dishes are served prepared with seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables grown in the Manoir’s garden, as well as wines produced in the hotel’s own vineyard. Hotel Tenuta Mosè. We try to guess what Cristina Ferreira tasted and in the photo we indicate the traditional spaghettone, with dell’orto cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta (typical cheese from southern Italy), which costs €20.

And if that’s the main thing, imagine the end for dessert: tiramisù of course (€14), creamy chocolate and amaretti crumble (€14) and a thousand leaves of berries (€16).

Cristina Ferreira has yet to show her visit to the Le Cariti spa, which offers everything from candle massage to invigorating treatments, but the holidays are just beginning and Sunday was reserved for exploring the beaches around Sannicola, as well than Natal. , the old pharmacy, the souvenir shops and the charming structures of the city.

To be able to be close to this as well, a stay at Tenuta Mosè starts at €320 a night.

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