Benfica: Is there little doubt for Schmidt for painful first try?

This Tuesday, the red fans’ wait is over: Benfica officially makes its debut in the 2022/23 season, against Midtjylland.

The first leg of the Champions League third qualifying round is in high demand, and it is also the first fire trial for Roger Schmidt, the new Luz helmsman.

The German coach, by the way, is a man of fixed ideas and this pre-season has proven it. From the outset, with the choice of players which has been made, and which does not leave much room for doubt as to the starting lineup which will enter the field this Tuesday, from 8:00 p.m.


Beacon, the biggest question?

Interestingly, goal is the position that raises the most question marks: Helton Leite was the main player, but Vlachodimos arrived later, there was still time to add more minutes – 225 compared to the Brazilian’s 180 – and he did it against bigger opponents. Worth: Fulham and Newcastle.


Vlachodimos: starter three times, 225 minutes – came later, but started against important opponents and had more playing time.

Helton Leite: holder three times, 180 minutes

Samuel Soares: did not start, 45 minutes

south american defense

In defense there will be few doubts: Otamendi arrived later, but as soon as he landed in Luz he took a stake alongside Morato. On the right, despite the good performance of the Bah reinforcement, Gilberto seems to have an advantage – he has always started -, as well as on the left. Grimaldo was Schmidt’s preferred choice – the Spaniard deserved the coach’s praise after the game against Newcastle – not least because Ristic, this year’s new face, was long injured.


Gilberto: choke five times, 254 minutes

Alexander Bah: did not start, 196 minutes

Andre Almeida: did not start, 45 minutes he played as a central defender

Otamendi: holder four times, 225 minutes

Murten: choke five times, 270 minutes

Antonio Silva: holder once, 180 minutes

Vertonghen: did not start, 135 minutes

Grimald: holder five times, 270 minutes

Mihailo Ristic: didn’t start, 45 mins – injured early in the season and hasn’t returned yet

Gil Dias: did not start, 180 minutes

Enzo and Florentino complement each other, João Mário regains preponderance

Still in the midfield, Roger Schmidt seems to have well-defined choices for this start: Weigl lost space against the returning Florentino, the Portuguese who made a good pair with Enzo Fernández, perhaps the best reinforcement of the eagles this season.

The space in front of this duo should be occupied by two Portuguese and a Brazilian: João Mário regained the preponderance he had lost in the final straight of 2021/22, until occupying unusual spaces, on the left of the ‘offensive. Rafa seems to be back to his best form and has always been up for it, as has David Neres who has already shown what he can do with an eagle to his chest.


Florentino Luis: holder five times, 270 minutes

Julian Weigl: holder once, 166 minutes

Soualiho Meite: did not start, 135 minutes

Enzo Fernández: four-time starter, 194 minutes – arrived with the current pre-season and quickly took a stake in Roger Schmidt’s squad

Paolo Bernardo: did not start, 102 minutes

Martim Neto: did not start, 45 minutes

John Mario: holder five times, 255 minutes

Chiquinho: did not start, 199 minutes

Diogo Goncalves: did not start, 12 minutes

Gonçalo Ramos, the reference

The reference of the attack, barring a last-minute surprise, should be Gonçalo Ramos: Henrique Araújo even started in the first pre-season test, against Reading, but the place in the starting XI has always belonged to the player of 21 years old. retired player. Yaremchuk came in later, showed some quality, but, at least at this point, looks to be leaving as a second option.

This, for now, seems to be the first version of Benfica designed by Roger Schmidt. The pre-season indications were very positive, but now you have to prove it in painful games. Midtjylland is the new test for the new eagle.


David Neres: holder five times, 239 minutes

Rafa: holder five times, 255 minutes

Diego Moreira: has not started, 183 minutes

Henrique Araujo: holder once, 138 minutes

Roman Yaremchuk: has not started, 166 minutes

Petar Musa: didn’t start, 12 mins – was injured part of pre-season

Goncalo Ramos: starter four times, 194 minutes

Rodrigue Pinho: did not start, 12 minutes

Vlachodimos, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo Fernández, Neres, Rafa, João Mário and Gonçalo Ramos: this should be the starting XI for the game against Midtjylland, the same one that faced Newcastle in the Eusébio Cup

Note: The friendly match against Amora does not count for this stat, as the match sheet has not been made available.

Note II: Lucas Veríssimo and João Victor, injured, did not add minutes in this pre-season, as well as Taarabt and Gabriel, at the starting gate.

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