Action warns against early diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis

More than 600 tests have been carried out at Parque Barigui

According to the most recent data published by the Ministry of Health, there are 718,651 cases of viral hepatitis registered in Brazil, of which 38.9% concern hepatitis C – the most deadly -, 36.8% cases hepatitis B, 23.4% hepatitis A and 0.6% hepatitis D. Hepatitis B and C are the main causes of chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and cancer, and they have been the target of the action carried out by the São Vicente Hospital, on Saturday (07/30), at Parque Barigui, in Curitiba.

The purpose of the action was to warn about viral hepatitis and to test, as it is estimated that around 1% of the population has the virus, but does not know. “If we start from the estimate of those who do not know they have the disease, it is more than 1 million people with the virus”, warns Dr. Aline Moura Ferraz Pereira, hepatologist at the hospital. Sao Vicente Curitiba.

During the action, 694 tests were carried out. “Those who tested positive received advice from our hepatologists. From now on, these people will have to undergo diagnostic confirmation, carry out other tests and will have to be accompanied by a specialist,” explains nurse Francieli Bisinelli Santana, head of care at São Vicente Curitiba Hospital.

Dr. Aline reminds us that public utility campaigns help guide and inform the population. “Actions like these are very important for early diagnosis, especially for people who report having no symptoms. Many we tested didn’t even know this virus existed. In other words, it is obvious that there is a lack of dissemination of information on this disease to the general population”, underlines the hepatologist.

The people who took part in the action approved the initiative. “As I understand it’s a silent disease, so you don’t know you have it. We hear about it, but I had never taken the test. And I also don’t remember if I had the vaccine. I think this kind of action from the hospital is super important,” said Sueli Borghi, a retired chemical engineer, who participated in the tests.

Retired Antônio Carlos Demario also participated and endorsed the action: “Each individual should be concerned about their health and I saw this action by the hospital as an opportunity to take the test. This type of action is very important,” he said.

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