7 Useful Tips to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Specific settings and native features can help save cell phone battery consumption. (Photo: Reproduction)

Making Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones last longer is possible in several ways. Even though manufacturers try to increase the durability of the charges, the different features extend the usage time of the devices, which further compromises the energy. However, there are some setup tricks and native features that can help reservations last longer, without having to resort to portable chargers or taking extended breaks.

Here are seven useful tips to save your cell phone battery:

Screen Brightness – Reducing screen brightness is one way to extend battery life, especially if your phone has a larger screen. Thus, using the brightness at 75% can be ideal, since the percentage is sufficient to have good navigability. In this sense, choose to use 100% brightness only in places with excessive brightness or during peak solar hours, for example.

Saving mode – When activating the “Power saving” function, mobile phones automatically change some tools, such as reducing screen resolution and brightness level; suspension of application updates; limit processor speed and disable secondary features. Thus, users can make the battery last much longer.

Disable Bluetooth – Connectivity features such as Bluetooth are among the major culprits of cell phone power consumption. Therefore, when the tool is not in use, consider turning it off.

Turn off location – Many apps collect location data in the background, and this practice can end up draining battery life. In this sense, it can be useful to modify the tracking parameters, since in this way the software will only check the location when it is, in fact, necessary.

Night Mode – Enabling Night Mode causes all app interfaces to dim, which can result in approximately 60% power reserve. This can bring particularly big savings for phones with OLED screens because they don’t use a backlight.

Closing Apps – In addition to overloading your smartphone’s RAM, apps running in the background often eat up a lot of battery and mobile data. Thus, in order to save the energy reserve of your mobile phone, remember to close the software once and for all when you have finished using it.

Airplane mode – In emergency situations, putting the phone in airplane mode to save battery power can be ideal, as the feature disables all cellular connections (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even area signal). This way, as apps and services crash, the battery is saved as much as possible.