V. Guimarães asks for the removal of the Marega case from the school book – V. Guimarães

V. Guimarães reacted, this Sunday, to the inclusion of the famous Marega case in a 10th grade philosophy book. In a press release, the Victorian emblem affirms that this situation favors “the creation of an unjustified stigma”, in particular because, he recalls, he was acquitted of all charges. For this reason, he requests his withdrawal.
Here is the statement of V. Guimarães:

“Philosophy. The dictionary classifies philosophy as “the rational inquiry into the world and man, with the aim of finding its ultimate explanation; aspiration to know things for their immutable principles and not for their transitory phenomena”.

The main national publisher is preparing to launch a book on philosophy for 10th graders, by Susana Teles de Sousa, Isabel Pinto Ribeiro and Rui Areal, entitled “Ágora”, which will reach many schools across the country, and whose the content, to the astonishment of Victorians and Guimarães, contains as a case study the ethical position adopted by the news presenter of a Portuguese generalist channel, during the “reporting” of the events of the past February 16, 2020, in which the Marega player left the field of Estádio D. Afonso Henriques.

Public condemnation was rapid (and televised to the sound of the wind…), the presumption of guilt was drawn, a generalized stigmatization was created. Whoever wanted to judge and shape public opinion so quickly was not so quick to restore the truth about the facts decided by the procedures of the Portuguese judicial system which, after being set in motion, resulted in the apologies of three spectators who were in the D Benches of Afonso Henriques in this match, as well as the acquittals, in all the trials in which Vitória Sport Clube was accused. We repeat, so that the winds can carry this irreducible truth: Vitória Sport Clube has been acquitted of all charges related to this case.

Returning to philosophy and its figurative meaning, the same dictionary also classifies it as “the set of principles which guide behavior or conduct”, and it is the philosophy of life of our adherents, of our people, of the people of Guimarães, which Vitória Sport Clube intends to highlight.

It is a philosophy in Guimarães to make newborns members of Vitória. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to transmit the values ​​of victorism, and that is why the club has chosen the colors black and white. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to pass on the parochialism and fervor associated with the Victorian era to future generations. It is the philosophy in Guimarães to be part of the dirt club. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to have a fervent and passionate public, which makes the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques one of the most emblematic of Portuguese football, and which is, year after year, the club with the most of fans present, after the three teams. with the most media in Portugal. It’s a philosophy at Guimarães to follow the team everywhere, and to support it with a unique fervor that envy any opposing fanbase. It is the philosophy in Guimarães to be Vitória.

For all the reasons, and because they feel unfoundedly targeted, the Victorians, the Guimarães and the Vitória Sport Clube demand the removal of the aforementioned case study from this book, which potentiates the creation of an unjustified stigma on thousands of fans and on a club celebrating, in two months, its centenary.”

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