TikTok plans to attack the realm of Spotify and Apple Music

If the “TikTok Music” service comes to fruition, it could be a big player in the streaming market. Not only would it offer an impressive musical catalog, but its social elements could set it apart from the competition.

A ICT Tac thinking of developing your own music streaming service? According to a recent USPTO application, that certainly seems to be the case. If the “TikTok Music” service materializes, it could be a major player in the streaming market. Not only would it offer an impressive musical catalog, but its social elements could set it apart from the competition. So what do you think? Will TikTok Music become the alternative of choice in the world of streaming?

According to a USPTO filing, the company is considering a “TikTok Music” service that would offer streaming music mixed with social elements.

If this materializes, it could pose a major threat to existing streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what TikTok will do with it. They’ve already proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media, and I think their streaming service would be pretty awesome as well.

TikTok is stepping up its fight against Spotify and other music streaming platforms as it seeks to expand beyond the short-form video segment, according to a trademark application filed by its parent company ByteDance.

The Chinese Internet giant presented a trademark registration application for a music streaming app known as TikTok Music, discovered by Business Intern.

The application was submitted to the American Institute of patents and trademarks in May and has not yet been assigned to an attorney for review. The same order was registered in Australia last November.

According to the order, the service will be applicable to mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to “buy, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics and quotes; create, recommend and share your playlists; letters; quotes; take, edit and upload photos as playlist covers; comment on music, songs and albums »

TikTok is clearly planning to develop its own music streaming service. This will be a huge step forward for the app, which is best known for its user-generated videos.

The streaming experience will be mixed with social elements, so users can share their favorite songs and artists with each other. It can be great for connecting people because of your love of music.

Or, it could just be a way for TikTok to keep people engaged with the app for longer periods of time. We will have to wait and see what happens.


In this article you will find:

What does TikTok plan to do?

TikTok plans to develop its own music streaming service. This was suggested in a USPTO filing, which suggests a “TikTok Music” service is on the cards. It’s still unclear what the streaming experience will look like, but it’s likely to be mixed with social elements – something TikTok is already good at.

When will the service be launched?

It is not yet known when the service will launch, but it will probably be in 2019.

What songs will be available?

Again, it’s not yet known what songs will be available on the service, but it’s likely there will be a mix of current and older songs.

Problems TikTok Music May Face

  • There may be copyright issues with the music streaming service offered by TikTok.
  • It can be difficult for TikTok to compete with established music streaming services.
  • The social elements of the service offered may not be well received by users.

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