TikTok: find out how to use the network for your career – 07/31/2022 – Mercado

surf on TikTok boom in recent yearsprofessionals from different fields produce content on the platform to promote their image and increase their income.

Lawyers, doctors, and teachers are some of the examples of workers who are using the video platform to boost their careers. Get away from the popular practice dancesthey seek to show in a relaxed way that they know their fields, to gain followers, to become a reference for the public and, thus, to conquer customers.

This was the case of Fayda Belo, a criminal lawyer specializing in the defense of minorities who began recording videos for the ICT Tac in March 2021. Through the social network, he began to explain concepts from the legal world and to unravel cases of racism, homophobia and machismo that gained projection on the Internet.

Now, less than a year later, Fayda has more than a million subscribers on the network and has seen customer demand triple in her office.

“It was a turning point that I cannot explain. When my first video went viral, I realized that I could use my legal knowledge to explain people their rights in simple, easy and joyful language. When it comes to right, we always think in something plastered, robust, that nobody understands anything. I did the opposite: I took the law and I took it in a way that everyone understands” , says Fayda.

The lawyer specifically attributes her success to her focus on her area of ​​expertise. Your office only seeks to process cases involving underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color and LGBTQIA+ community, in connection with your content on TikTok. With the videos, he shows his legal knowledge.

“There’s no reason for us to create a card with a number and say ‘call me’. What the customer wants to see is that you have the technical knowledge on the subject, because when he go looking for a lawyer, he will look for what you really understand. Shooting videos on these topics allowed the public to see that I had this knowledge.

Psychiatrist Maria Clara Silveira also surfed on the popularization of the network to boost her care. In 2020, he started producing content for the instagramin an effort to project himself into the job market, but when he noticed the growth of TikTok, he realized that the network could be a bigger opportunity.

So, in mid-2021, he started migrating his psychiatric content to the platform, but unknowingly restricted commenting on posts and saw that the videos didn’t go very far. After fixing the flaw, making space for interaction with his videos, he started to grow rapidly and today he already has more than 120,000 subscribers and posts with more than a million views.

“After that, it grew really fast. I had been working on Instagram for over a year, and it’s not that it didn’t help, but what makes a big difference in my schedule is is TikTok. When I opened the comments there, within a month The next day I had a busy schedule, “says Maria Clara, who estimates that 40% of her appointments come from the social network.

On TikTok, the doctor discusses topics related to psychiatry, such as anxiety, depression and abusive relationships. His videos range from explanations of terms in the field to humorous pieces on the daily life of the profession, in addition to answering users’ questions and analyzing characters from series and films that can generate benchmarks in the field.

Today, Maria Clara provides online psychiatric care with people from different parts of the country, in addition to the face-to-face modality. His plan is to invest even more in the production of content on the internet to increase his income.

“As I work with consultations, I’m stuck 24 hours a day and can’t see many people, both because of the weather and because of the emotional and cognitive strain. If people like my content, it makes sense to try to turn this into a job, an opportunity for me and it works,” he says.

Researcher in law and technology at ITS Rio (Rio Institute of Technology and Society), Christian Perrone, says that the transformation of social networks into work shows that the separation between leisure and work is diluting, especially after the pandemic, when the working hours and spaces have become more flexible.

“This erosion of barriers is also penetrating social networks, which were originally personal, but now have a more professional use,” he explains.

So while this is a boost opportunity, using TikTok and other networks for work can lead to overload, as Perrone warns.

“It generates a potential level of significant anxiety, because you don’t have a delimited space between work time and relaxation time. How much time do we spend working? number of hours, “explains the searcher.

Professor Gabriel Cabral’s routine, for example, is divided between 30 hours of weekly lessons and the recording of chemistry videos for Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. It also offers an online course on its own platform. Content production takes two full days a week, as the teacher is responsible for the entire process, from storyboarding to editing.

Producing content for high school students since 2017, Cabral was advised by other teachers in November 2020 to take to TikTok as a way to grow on the internet. “I knew it the students went thereso I should also be there to teach them chemistry.”

At first it was difficult, mainly because of the format of the platform, which only allowed videos of up to one minute. Accustomed to writing and recording longer video lessons, he had to study TikTok and adapt his content to it.

“No one enters TikTok looking for chemistry videos. People watch multiple things and you take the opportunity to quickly teach between one and the other. Then he learns without even knowing that he is studying,” explains the teacher.

In a short time, TikTok became the network on which Cabral has the largest following, with more than 650,000 subscribers, far exceeding those he had used for years.

“I think the main advantage of TikTok is to see. The algorithm allows you to have a very wide reach even if you are not famous, if your content is relevant. It favors quality”, specifies the professor.

The network, however, does not compensate all producers for viewing, forcing them to seek other sources of income. Gabriel, for example, offers an online chemistry course for students and even records videos for Youtube, which offers monetization. Even so, its main source of income continues to be classes in schools and on-site pre-university courses.

Christian Perrone also draws attention to the possible excessive exposure of the professional in the networks, which can have consequences.

“A professional who uses social networks to promote his business must be very careful about what he posts, when he posts, how he does it. On the one hand, he loses opportunities if he does not enter not in this environment. On the other hand, you have to take care of your personal image, which is exposed,” he explains.

Image care is something that pediatric dentist Simone Cesar considers essential in her routine as a content producer. With more than 3 million followers on TikTok, he makes videos in his office with the children he takes care of. Therefore, he says he always seeks to be careful not to expose patients in any way and to uphold the profession’s code of ethics.

When he started four years ago, his goal was to try to get the fear that children had professionals in their field. That’s why he started recording videos with songs and games in the office. After six months on TikTok, one of the videos went viral and since then her profile has grown steadily, and Simone decided to adopt the Musical Dentist name on the network.

Given the success, he even had to change the schedule of appointments, adding 15 minutes at the end of each appointment to record videos with patients. “They love, ask, record stories. Sometimes the anesthetized child even wants to record videos with me,” he says. In addition to the voice-overs, the dentist also does posts related to oral hygiene, with advice on how to floss and stop biting your nails, for example.

The dentist sees an average of 12 children a day and is always looking for new ideas to feed the networks. “It’s very exhausting, I have to divide myself into ten and my head won’t stop, because everything can be an idea. But TikTok has helped me reinvent my career. It doesn’t monetize me directly, but every week I have a new patient coming through social media.”

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