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(Analysis) Viviance-01 KFA2 Monitor: Can you still remember the days of having a great monitor, with good image quality, an IPS screen, good resolution, good frame rate and access to some of the most sought-after technology in the world of video games, cost a kidney, or half a lung on the black market? Well, things are finally changing!

Proof of this is even KFA2’s latest effort in the world of video games, now in the form of the monitor Viviance-01. A 27-inch device, an IPS LCD panel, QHD resolution, the possibility of reaching 165 Hz and certifications to say enough!

A monitor that comes to dominate the market, at a much more affordable price compared to the recent past. Are we going to see what it’s worth?

(Analysis) KFA2 Vivance-01: Having a luxury screen is no longer expensive!

Well, the KFA2 Vivance-01 is the first gaming monitor from this manufacturer to hit the market. Will it be successful? Frankly, I think so! But it always depends on the price at which it reaches the Portuguese shelves. But let’s go in parts.

Design and appearance

In terms of appearance, it’s a completely normal monitor, where you can see some more “gamer” traits, but not too exaggerated. It’s the model without RGB lighting on the back, which is why it’s a little more “Stealth”. (Yes, there is a model with RGB, if you want to have a different type of presence, or a more customizable environment).

But being normal today is often positive. After all, there’s no shortage of monitors on the market that attempt to overdo certain parts of their design. The KFA2 Vivance-01 has a look that fits into any gaming setup, but also into a friendlier environment.

However, as for the slab itself, we have reduced margins, and a very interesting manufacturing quality. Yes, the monitor is mostly made of plastic, but it’s quality hard plastic that doesn’t creak or look badly put together. (Remember, this is a monitor considered excellent in terms of performance/price.)

As for the dimensions, with the stand we have a monitor of 4.9 kg and 614.1 x 457.6 x 182.5 mm. Unfortunately, the stand is a bit basic, only allowing you to tilt it to increase or decrease the viewing angle. However, we support VESA 100*100mm, so it’s not too difficult to put an arm here, or another more complex mount.


We have two DisplayPort 1.2 inputs and two HDMI 2.0 inputs. There are no USB ports, but there is a 3.5mm audio output. Speaking of audio, we also have two speakers to “jam” because in terms of quality they are nothing special.

The consumption of the whole increases to 45W.


We have a resolution of 2560*1440 (QHD) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a size of 27″. The panel is IPS and we have 95% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. Plus, the contrast is 1000:1, and the brightness is 350cd/m2

We have HDR support and the response time is 1ms MPRT. Regarding gaming certifications, we support NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium. The image refresh rate goes up to 165 Hz via DisplayPort and 144 Hz via HDMI.

The brand promises 100% sRGB, 88% AdobeRGB, 95% P3 and 85% NTSC coverage. The average Delta-E is 1.45. Very good figures for the price of the device.

Menu and Settings

To change some settings we have a joystick on the back. Its placement is not the best, but truth be told, browsing the menus is not at all very difficult compared to what other more well-known brands offer in their products.


It’s one of the cheapest 27-inch QHD monitors around, costing around $275. So it’s amazing to see that at a price like this, you really get a lot of quality in a package that looks basic at first glance, but impresses the more you use it.

We are talking about a QHD monitor with support for G-Sync, FreeSync, excellent color coverage, very interesting brightness, typical high-end response time and which, although plastic, has excellent build quality.

In short, for 275 € it is an extremely interesting monitor if you want to play high quality games, but on a more limited budget. There’s also an RGB version on the way, which shouldn’t be much more expensive. (You can read more here)

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