Gay patient with monkeypox accuses doctor of homophobia in Sto.André

The town hall indicates that the professional has been relieved of his duties until the facts are clarified; the city registers 14 cases, three of which have already been cured

The patient, identified as 23-year-old Matheus Góis, went to the specialized medical center in Vila Vitória, from where he was referred to the central UPA, where the problem arose. Photo: Reproduction

A gay patient with monkeypox has denounced a doctor’s alleged homophobia during medical treatment at the UPA (Urgent Care Unit) Central de Santo André. According to a report published by the G1 portal, the doctor wanted to know if the patient was HIV-positive.

The patient, identified as Matheus Góis, 23 years old. He first sought UPA Vila Luzita this Monday (07/25), with symptoms such as pain in his back and anal area, in addition to injuries spread all over his body. At the scene there was a suspicion of syphilis and, therefore, there was a referral to the specialized center in Vila Vitória so that they could carry out a screening test for the disease, which turned out to be negative. From there he was directed to UPA Central where the problem occurred.

“The first question he asked was: what were you doing there? [no Centro de Especialidades]? Then I said, nothing, I went to see myself for a syphilis test. Then he said: do you have a disease? What is your serology? “, he said. “I immediately said, look, I’m HIV-negative, HIV-negative. Then he said, “Are you sure you are?” ‘Cause if you were there [no Centro de Especialidades], do you have a disease? I asked like this: what disease? Then he said: ‘yes, the disease, but too bad, I will send it to the nurse here, and she will know how to solve it. And get out, get out, get out of my room, please get out,” the patient told Portal G1.

The municipality of Santo André was contacted by ABCD Jornal and the administration informed that the doctor was removed from his position until the facts were clarified.

Read the full official note:

“The Santo André Town Hall, through the Health Department, deeply regrets what happened and clarifies that, as soon as it became aware of the facts, it launched the investigation process. During this process, the doctor will stay away from shifts in municipal health facilities.

We also inform you that we have 3 (three) patients who have completely succeeded in the treatment against Monkeypox and who have fully recovered, 11 (eleven) others are still in isolation at home, in full treatment and followed by the Municipal Health Service .

All services are carried out with complete discretion, responsibility, humanization and hospitality.

A month ago, professionals from the public and private health network received training on protocols, conduct and referrals regarding Monkeypox offered by our Municipal Health Service.

It is also important to inform you that the first suspected case in our city, on June 2, was followed up and fully treated by the Ministry of Health of our municipality, with the patient fully successful in treatment.

WHO recommends that men reduce the number of partners

WHO director
The director of the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended, this Wednesday (27/07), that “men who have sex with other men reduce the number of partners”. Photo: Disclosure

The director of the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended, this Wednesday (27/07), that “men who have sex with other men reduce the number of partners”. According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the recommendation aims to reduce the number of infections and therefore reduce the level of exposure to the pathogen (monkeypox), better known as monkeypox.

“The best way to do this is to reduce the risk of exposure. It means making safe choices for yourself and for others. For men who have sex with men, this currently includes reducing the number of sex partners, reconsidering sex with new partners, and exchanging contact information with new partners to allow for follow-up if necessary,” said Tedros said.

Although 98% of cases concern men who have sex with men, the WHO director reminds that anyone exposed to monkeypox can be infected with the pathogen. Tedros also added that the disease, in addition to being sexually transmitted, can also be transmitted through contact such as kissing and hugging and also through contaminated surfaces and objects (monkeypox).

According to the WHO, more than 18,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported to the international organization. About 78 countries have had cases of the disease and five have died. The highest number of infected people comes from Europe, which has 70% of cases, followed by America, which has 25% of cases.

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