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This week, in our usual compilation of the best proposals from the Play Store and the App Store, you can count on proposals that allow check air quality where you are, the navigate the solar system from your smartphone it’s up to explore the caves of Mira de Airein Leiria.

There is also for a app that challenges young people to explore biodiversity and for the Heart of Noah, The new MMORPG from Archosaur Gameswhich uses the Unreal 4 engine to deliver detailed landscapes in an open-world multiplayer adventure.

Also take the opportunity to consult our latest selection of temporary “freebies” applications Where, in addition to several gamesbetween puzzles, strategy and simulation titles, as well as a proposal of other novelties, there is an app that will help you create photo collages.

Discover the proposals of the week in detail

Sail through space and explore the solar system from your smartphone with Solar Walk Lite

Solar Walk Lite includes a planetarium with several 3D models ready to be explored and based on data collected via NASA and ESA missions and ground-based telescopes.

The mysteries of Space continue to intrigue and amaze Humanity and, with The James Webb Super Telescope photographs the deepest universea new era of space exploration has dawned. But did you know that you can also discover the solar system from your smartphone?

A Lite solar step presents itself as a interactive encyclopedia with a planetarium full of 3D models ready to be explored by children and adults and based on the vast collection of data collected by NASA and ESA missionsas well as ground-based telescopes.

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In the application it is possible explore in detail the elements that make up our solar system: between planets, moons and stars, but also asteroids and comets. You will be able to observe the position and orbit of the planets in real time, in addition to accessing information on their dimensions and orbital speed, all accompanied by photographs captured by space missions.

The most curious can also explore 3D models of the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, and several satellites currently in orbit.

Solar Walk Lite is free and available for Android via from Play Storeand for iOS, from from the App Store.

75 years of the Mira de Aire Caves celebrated with a new audio guide app for smartphones

Visitors to the caves can access 26 points of interest, available in five languages, as well as signage. There is a kids version of the app for kids.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the caves of Mira de Aire, in the municipality of Porto de Mós, in the district of Leiria, a new smartphone application has been created for visitors. The audioguide app, developed with original content in collaboration with the Portuguese Speleological Society (SPE), promises to be an informative companion for visitors.

An application reveals the history and lists 26 points of interest in the caves, with information available in five audio languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German. It also includes sign language and a children’s version designed for children, whetting their curiosity about cave formation phenomena.

The app’s virtual guide was inspired by Ernesto Morais, the explorer who discovered the caves 75 years ago. This one gives explanations in the first person and tells the stories of the caves to the visitors. With this resource, it is expected that visits will be more accessible, with information offered in a more inclusive way and to any foreign visitor. O the explorer gives directions, tells curiosities, explains some of their formations and shares stories, including the difficulties their discovery had at the time. All information was based on scientific information provided by SPE.

See in the gallery of images of the application of the Grutas de Mira de Aire

Speaking to Lusa, André Coelho from the company Realizasom, responsible for the application, said that visitors only have to download the application for free on their smartphone and can listen to the discretion as often as they want. wanted and make their visit independently.

in all, the caves of Mira de Aire are 11 kilometers long, being considered the largest among those known in Portugal, but only 600 meters can be visited, at a maximum depth of 100 meters. This is the area covered by the application in its 26 points of interest.

You can download the smartphone app iOS e androidwhile this can be used offline, including access to its audios, videos, texts and images that accompany the discretions.

As a curiosity, the caves of Mira de Aire were opened to the public on August 11, 1974 and have already received more than seven million visitors.

How will the air quality be tomorrow? This application contains the information you need

Thanks to AirCare, it is possible to access daily data and forecasts of indicators such as the air quality index, the levels of pollutants and pollen, as well as the UV index: both for the area you are in and for other locations of your choice.

Maintaining air quality is important for those with respiratory problems, especially in the spring or summer, or in areas with higher environmental pollution. THE AirCare lets you access all the information you need from your smartphone and was recently updated with news.

The app was launched in 2014 by Gorjan Jovanovskia young man from North Macedonia who, concerned about his country’s air pollution problems, he decides to create a digital solution with data from monitoring stations.

When the app started downloading, several users ended up gathering in the streets to protest the country’s government’s inaction. Eventually, the government of North Macedonia began to implement more “environmentally friendly” policies and AirCare continued to grow, even being awarded at the 2020 edition of the United Nations World Summit Awards.

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Through AirCare skin users can access daily data and forecasts from indicators such as air quality index, pollutant and pollen levels, as well as the UV index: both for the area they are in and for other prime locations. It is also possible to locate fire zones anywhere in the world.

AirCare is available for Android from from Play Storeand for iOS, via from the App Store. In addition to the free mode, the app has a paid Pro mode, which unlocks additional featureswith a price of 1.59 euros per month or 15.99 euros per year.

Noah’s Heart shows what next-gen games for smartphones look like

The just-released MMO uses the Unreal 4 engine to deliver detailed landscapes in this open-world multiplayer adventure.

Noah’s Heart is the new MMORPG from Archosaur Games and is the sequel to Dragon raja. O The game features a stunning world to explore, hundreds of missions to complete, and plenty of enemies to face.. It’s a classic online RPG, where you’ll find players who can join the party for challenges and who knows, form guilds for future adventures.

O The game uses the Unreal 4 engine, so you can count on stunning landscapes of the planet Noah, the stage of any adventure. The game features a borderless map to explore, with various missions to complete offered by the characters you encounter. You can explore on foot, but use horses, motorbikes, and other means of transport, such as trains, for longer distances.

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The fights are versatile and in real time, in a simple interface adapted to the screen of the smartphone. THE the producer chose not to lock the character into a class, instead the player chooses the weapons they want to use and from there develops the associated skills.

One of the main mechanisms is the use of companions, ghosts of historical figures that can be collected and used in battle, with unique abilities. Anyone who has played games like Genshin Impact knows the importance of finding rare and special characters.

should find raw materials and resources to improve equipment and weapons, but you must specialize in different professions. Players can form groups to explore challenging dungeons to obtain special resources.

You can download Noah’s Heart for smartphones iOS e androidbut also play computergiven that the game supports cross-play between platforms.

Entre Marés Tour invites young people to explore biodiversity

The app offers itineraries that help identify biodiversity-related issues in places to explore.

The application was created by the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon for young people in the 3rd cycle of basic education and allows you to explore the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems by following different routes. Among the ecosystems explored are rocky platforms subject to the action of the tides, marshes and dunes.

In addition to the biological diversity of the sites to be explored, the application has information on how resident species adapt and the pressures to which they are subjected, as well as the type of human use characteristic of these places

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An application can be explored in a school or family context and has already been tested by around 200 students. Claudia Fariaresponsible for the project and professor at the institute, declares that the impressions are positive, the young people judging the tool attractive, playful and interactive.

The project was financed by the Blue Fundpromoted by the General Directorate of Maritime Policy (DGPM) and has as partner institutions the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, the Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences (MARE), the Municipal Environmental Society of Cascais, the Center de Ciência Viva de Tavira, the João de Deus School of Education and the Open University.

the app is available for Android and download is free.

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