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National champions! THE men’s track and field team do Benfica won the national club championship for the 12th time in a row (since 2011) by reaching 147 points in the competition which took place this weekend, July 30 and 31, at the Estádio Municipal de Leiria – Dr Magellan Pessoa.

mention that Benfica and Sporting finished with the same number of pointsas tiebreaker to be determined no total number of Individual wins: 12 for the Reds against like opponent’s seven.

at the end of 1st day of competitions, the greens and whites were in front (75 points against 72 of the eagles), but Benfica had managed to triumphs Nope 100 metersNope 1500 metersNope 4×100 meters and no javelin throw; Nope 2nd and last daybone Luz athletes responded to the precept and started winning Sunday afternoon. We 110 meters hurdles, Roger Iribarne was the fastest and Hammer Throw, Decio Andrade was the strongest.

In the 800 meters competition, the athletes of Benfica and Sporting arrived close to the finish line, with a slight advantage over the red, but the Portuguese Athletics Federation disqualified both runners. The eagles were not afraid and won more eight points Nope 400 meters hurdlesthrough Michael JesusNope 200 metersfor Reynier MenaNope disc releasecom Emmanuel SousaNope 3000 meters hurdlesthrough Etson BarrosNope 3000 metersfor isaac nader and no triple jumpcom Pierre Picardo.

A word, however, for the positive performance of the men’s team of Casa Benfica Farowhich ended the national club championship in 5th place of the general classification, with 76.5 points.


Ana Oliveira (Benfica athletics coordinator): “Our goal is always to win, but today [domingo] it was a day to win in a special way, for everything that happens off the track and we showed, on the track, that we are the best, even when things are not going well for us. We had an equal record of Professor Moniz Pereira’s time, with Sporting. After 12 years, we broke this record. I am very proud and grateful. It was not 12 years, but 17 years of struggle and conquest that awaited this moment. It took a lot of hard work, investment and resilience from Benfica. Benfica and athletics deserve it. Luckily, Benfica and Sporting managed to bring up the athleticism, which he needs.”



Subjects | athletes
110 meters hurdles Roger Iribarne: 1st (13.47s)
hammer throw Decio Andrade: 1st place (71.29m)
800 meters Jose Carlos Pinto: disqualified
400 meters hurdles Mikael Jesus: 1st place (50.91 s)
200 meters Reynier Mena: 1st place (20.24s)
big jump Gerson Baldé: 5th (1.98m)
disc throw Emmanuel Sousa: 1st (55.49m)
3000 meters hurdles Etson Barros: 1st (08:46.19s)
3000 meters Isaac Nader: 1st place (08.04.84s)
4×400 meters Mikael Jesus, Ricardo dos Santos, Raidel Acea and Ericsson Tavares: 2nd place (3.10.05 s)
triple jump Pedro Pichardo: 1st (16.62m)



Subjects | athletes
100 meters Reynier Mena: 1st place (10.13s)
400 meters Ricardo dos Santos: 2nd place (47.61s)
1500 meters Isaac Nader: 1st place (04.12.04s)
4×100 meters André Prazeres, Frederico Curvelo, Reynier Mena and Diogo Antunes: 1st place (39.59 s)
weight release Tsanko Arnaudov: 2nd spot (19.08m)
long jump Gerson Baldé: 2nd (7.38m)
Pole vault Diogo Ferreira: 4th place (5.00m)
5000 meters on foot Rui Coelho: 2nd place (20.51.63 s)
5000 meters Samuel Barata: 2nd place (14.15.11s)
javelin throw Leandro Ramos: 1st (73.73m)

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