3 Trust webcams at an irresistible price this summer

A webcam has become a go-to device during the COVID-19 pandemic and new telecommuting routines. At the same time, it is also a gadget sought after by content creators and anyone who wanted better quality in video calls, whether in a work context or during (online) family gatherings. With that in mind, we now present these solutions Trust.

Then you can find ways to buy Trust webcams now at the best price. Whether it’s for a simple summer whim or the perfect time to beef up your setup, these options are even more valuable now that they’re on sale.

1. Trust Tyro webcam

Price: cost €59.99 / now since €29.99

A Full HD trust webcam Tyro, can become a great ally this summer thanks to its wide-angle lens with Full HD 1080p resolution and autofocus. Assets that guarantee a sharp video image, with a solid base for editing.

On the other hand, auto white balance delivers high image performance in all lighting conditions, enabling sharp videos in any light exposure. It is a very complete product, now with a more competitive price.

Moreover, with the Plug & Play configuration, it can be quickly connected to the computer (desktop or laptop). It’s about being able to start broadcasting immediately and on any platform such as Zoom, Teams, Discord, Skype, among others.

2. Trust GXT 1160 Vero webcam

Trust XT 1160 Vero webcam

Price: cost €49.99 / now since €27.99

In second place we have another webcam that stands out for its high definition and versatility, the GXT 1160 Vero. It’s ideal for streamers, content creators, or anyone working from home. In fact, it is a good webcam for those who rely on the image quality of their content or meetings.

This camera stands out for its resolution of up to 8 MP, which is joined by its Full HD 1080p resolution. In addition, we have a fixed focal length lens. Plus, Vero includes a state-of-the-art microphone that captures sound clearly for better calls.

Finally, this Trust webcam can be connected easily, as its stand is suitable for almost all monitors.

3. Trust Trino HD Webcam

Webcam Trust Trino HD

Price: cost €19.99 / now since €14.99

Third, we have the cheapest Trust webcam, with good reviews on Amazon.ES. Trino HD is a webcam that has a resolution of 720p HD and has built-in microphones to also capture voice during calls. In addition, it has an automatic white balance, with a fixed focal length lens. It also allows you to capture images with a resolution of 8 MP.

Trust Trino is an easy way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues around the world, as the user simply plugs in the USB cable. In addition, thanks to its universal support, the camera can be mounted on the monitor or placed on the table,

We at Trust have found a good selection of value for money peripherals of which webcams are a good example of this market placement in 2022.

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