″Relatively low probability.″ Monkeypox deaths not relevant to DGS

the spokesperson for General Directorate of Health for monkeypox is not particularly concerned about the emergence of deaths in the Europe related to the disease. In less than 24 hours, the Spanish government announced that two people had died from the virus, but for Margarida Tavares this situation was already expected, even if it is a rare phenomenon.

“The probability of death among those who are infected is relatively low, less than 1%. As more cases are recorded, the probability of these very rare events occurring increases and I think that, for right now, that’s just it. We know little about the Spanish cases, I read in the press that, at least in one of the cases, a encephalitis, that is, an infection of the central nervous system, similar to meningitis, and which can occur with any virus, from influenza to herpes, etc. They can, at a certain moment, in a certain person, cause this complication and, normally, it is a serious situation and it can have this outcome”, he explained to the TSP Margarida Tavares.

The official warns that, although he is not surprised by the record of the first deaths in Europethe disease may progress.

“We will remain open to the possibility, as has happened at other times with other viruses, that there may be some difference in clinical presentation and even severity as the virus expands its usual geographic region. , as is currently the case for many years confined to Africa, Central and Western, mostly, but sometimes when these infections go elsewhere, there can be different forms of presentation. But, for the moment, this is not the reality that we see in our clinical practice. In the vast majority of cases, what we see are self-resolving cases, with a small number of lesions and with very insignificant clinical severity, however uncomfortable it may be,” guaranteed the door. -word of the General Directorate of Health for monkeypox.

Em Portugal, Margarida Tavares says monkeypox is stable, as in recent weeks there has been no significant increase in the number of cases. Yet the DGS is considering extending vaccination to people who have not been exposed to the disease but are at increased risk of coming into contact with the virus. the spokesperson for General Directorate of Health for monkeypox explains who could get the vaccine.

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